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[ALERT] A Strong Seismic wave felt for 50 secs.

A STRONG SEISMIC Wave (Earthquake) passed at 20:22 IST (+5:30 GMT) under my feet it was of Short Wave nature and had direction mid of West-North and going towrds mid of South-East.
It was felt for a durtion of 40-50 seconds. Before that two bumps were experienced by me at around
20:12 and 20:13 Hrs IST (+5:30 GMT) on November 4th, 2010. I just tweeted these and came to my blog to post it, under quake log. Don’t panic, but be cautious and prepared, an Earthquake may hit within few hours and it could have moderate (3.5 – 4.5) to strong intensity (5 and more ) in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan or in Indonesia. Just be alert

10 days later 7.7 mag Earthquake struck Indonesia

W.r.t my previous post Is Major Earthquake knocking?, the major Earthquake was predicted 10 days before it struck Indonesia with intensity of 7.7 magnitude. See this image (opens in new window).

137 dead as Indonesia hit by tsunami, volcano (opens in new window)
Mentawai Island, Indonesia Earthquake Oct.2010

So this spiritual Sixth Sense comes out correct every time. What’s more I can offer? Do I have solutions to benefit this world and save lives? Can I ?

Frequent Seismic Waves this Week. Is Major Earthquake knocking?

Since last 14-15 days, I have been frequently experiencing Seismic waves of moderate intensity. Checkout my tweets. Mostly the direction of these seismic waves is from West (40 degrees in North) towards South (20 degrees in East). The previous 6th Sense Seismic logs resulted in Arkansas and Oklahoma (USA) Earthquakes. This frequent occurrence of seismic tremors makes me believe that a major Earthquake is knocking at us and it is going to be in Northern West of globe (w.r.t 30.713890, 76.712012). May be Iran, Italy or western Russia? Or Hindukush in Afghanstan and Kashmir in India? With recent earthquake in Oklahoma, USA there could be re-occurrence of earthquakes in California and Oklahoma.
See world map image here below for more details.

How to secure your Wifi internet connection?

Q. How to secure your Wifi internet connection?

Ans. Today, I am going to tell you how to secure your wifi internet connection.
First of all you should know that the main point to secure is your wifi router it self. Get a long look at it and get your self familiar with its brand. Normally the branding is on the face of wifi router like Linksys, Beetal or Netgear. Now try searching its model number on google.
Step 1. Now switch ON the wifi router if its not all ready has led lights blinking.
Step 2. right click on network connection icon on taskbar and select properties.
Step 3. Click on details tab and look for Network Default Gateway ip.
On windows system most commonly it is
Step 4. Open IE or any other internet browser you use to surf web space.
Step 5. type in Address bar and pess enter.
Step 6. A new window will open asking for user name and password. Type in admin and password in it and click OK. A page will open with your wifi router’s logo on it. This is your wifi router’s configuration page.
Step 7. Click on Wireless link. A new page will open on right side.
Step 8. You will see some boxes checked like Enable wireless. Click on Hide Access points if its not checked already. This will increase security of your wifi network by 60%.
step 9. Click on Save & Reboot button given on that page (Wireless settings page).
and wait for the page to reload.
Step 10. Close your browser window and wait for 1 minute. Switch off the router and switch it back to ON after 10 seconds.

These are basic security measurs and to increase your Wifi network security even further, you can try changing the router access logins which are by default admin and password. To change router page login password the link is under menu DSL > Settings.

NOTE. Always backup your wifi router’s configuration settings before making any changes.

Annamalai University Distance Education Exam Result

Annamalai University
Get the result of Annamalai University Distance Education Exams. There are so many fake sites but now you can get results for sure. I have included here under the direct link to genuine website of Annamalai University.
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28th September Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Today is Birth anniversary of a young martyr from Punjab.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Remembering Bhagat Singh (in site link).
Shaheed Bhagat Singh ( wikipedia ), the revolutionary young mind, India ever saw in her history of struggle for independence from British colonial rule. He was of such an extra-ordinary, strong and sharp mindset that even the colonial learned judges were astonished at his sight. Incidentally, I am blessed that my native place in Doaba area (two river belt), which is Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s birth place also. Shahid Bhagat Singh was out and out a Nationalist in his karma, but as one reads his notes from Jail dairy he comes out as one universalist rather than restricted in locality boundaries.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh
When I see full page public address by state government on Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Martyr or Birth anniversary, I just get amused how such politically motivated people try to take claim on such a noble soul. Recently the prejudiced men of a particular “cult” rejected Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s photograph in which he has been wearing a British hat with his hair cut short and beard shaved. I really wonder whether they have read even a single line from his writings. Imagine, if young Bhagat Singh would have been living in present times, he would have Continue reading “28th September Birth Anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh”

The D.I.S.E.C.T.E.D Love GuRu ™

The D.S.E.C.T.E.D Love GuRu

“The D.I.S.E.C.T.E.D Love GuRu”. What you see is what you get and that memory has the power to create world. Gems of Wisdom should not be corrupted for satisfying your fear of loosing your believes. For the spread of hijacked knowledge leads one towards degradation both in personal and social aspect.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Download :
http://www.mediafire.com/?ccv3z7gj8kd2119 13.08 MB WMV


After 11 hrs, 6.3 mag Earthquake struck Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Yesterday, (17th Sep, 2010) at 2:30 PM, I have noticed the high intensity seismic activity and immediately posted on to Sixth Sense blog about it. 6.3 magnitude Earthquake struck after 11 hours of that post. I have been posting in my earlier quake log posts that when ever I felt high intensity seismic tremor waves for a longer duration more than 40 seconds at a stretch, the epicenter of impending Earthquake is more closer to my place. Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake struck Hindu Kush Hills Afghanistan, tremors felt across Pakistan and Delhi India.

Last night it was little unusual with me. I was sleepless as fluids started to ooze out and there was sweat on my scalp. It was little itchy also which made me awake. While lying on my bed, I felt two jolts, as if someone pushed my bed sideways (from East to West). I knew its an earthquake and hurriedly left the bed and stood on my feet. Then I tried to concentrate on any movement in ground, but there was none. Switched on tiny led lamp, then I went washroom. The time on my cellphone displayed exact 01:00 AM (IST). Then don’t know what came to my mind, I grabbed my laptop, cellphone, anti-inflammatory drug, Wifi dongle, shirt and wallet. I asked myself, “Am I preparing for bigger earthquake? Should I wake up parents?”. I waited for 2 – 3 minutes everything was normal. I went back to bed and fell asleep in few minutes. It has passed….It has passed.

September 18, 2010, earthquake, Hindu Kush (Afghanistan), Pakistan, India

60 sec Tremor Wave mid of West-North towards mid of South-East

Seismic activity detected (Sixth Sense)
14:29 Hrs IST (9:02 Hrs GMT) 17th Sep, 2010
tremor intensity : moderately high
Duration : 60 sec
Direction : mid of West(30 degrees)-North moving towards mid of South(30 degrees)- East.
Alert : An impending earthquake in North West

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