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Stem Cells From Body Fat Used To Grow New Nerves

Stem Cells From Patient’s Fat Used To Grow New Nerves

Stem cells from a patient’s fat may be used to create new nerves that can repair severed peripheral nerves (nerves outside the spinal cord), say scientists from Manchester University, England. The researchers say this route for creating new nerves could be part of medical practice by the year 2011.

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A New Chemotherapy Drug For Advanced Breast Cancer

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new chemotherapy drug called Ixempra (ixabepilone) for the treatment of advanced breast cancer.

The announcement was made to the press by Bristol-Myers Squibb on 17th October, the maker of the new drug, who also said the drug will be available “within days”.

The drug was approved to treat patients with locally advanced breast cancer or with cancer that has started spreading to other parts of the body (metastatic), and is resistant or refractory to anthracyclines, taxanes, and capecitabine.

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A 7.7 Kg Gaint Baby born in Russia

Image and video hosting by TinyPicRussian woman easily delivers baby giant as her 12th child. The record-breaking baby weighing 7.75kg (17.1lb) was born at a maternity clinic in Aleisk on September 17. Her mother, Tatiana Khalina, 42, underwent a Caesarean delivery.The mother said she was not surprised by the girl’s record weight, as the first of her 11 children had weighed more than 5kg (11lb) at birth, and the others “beat the records set by their brothers and sisters”.

Indian doctor develops an enzyme HIV cure

Bangalore: Dr Indrani Sarkar has has every reason to be excited. Her PhD thesis, which started in 2002 at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany, has thrown open the doors for developing enzymes that can destroy the dreaded Human Immuno-deficiency Virus or HIV within infected cells permanently.

Indrani and a team of scientists have developed an enzyme called Tre. Tre is a custom enzyme capable of detecting, recognising and destroying HIV, much like a pair of molecular scissors.

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