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Quake Log : This one is a curling quake.


Quake Log : This one is a curling quake.

Today at 02:16 pm IST (+5.30 GMT) I experienced a low quake tremor wave and second one at 03:48 pm IST (Indian Standard Time). My first attention was to analyse its direction that is what I do with every tremor. The direction that I analyzed was of Continue reading “Quake Log : This one is a curling quake.”

Quake log 17th May 2008

I felt two very weak pulses of tremor on Sunday 17th may, 2008 at 20:54 (IST) and second one at 20:56 IST (IST is +5:30 GMT). Tremors were weak but I think the direction was North to South-West
There was something unusual with the tremor pulses as you can see there is approximately two minutes gap between bounds. there was less depth (I mean, Continue reading “Quake log 17th May 2008”

China 7.8 earthquake struck in Sichhuan province

China Quake 12 May 2008I forgot about China. I forgot that there are people living beyond Himalayan mountains. On May 3rd I have written a post about the quake tremor pulse I experienced Read Earth Quake Pusle felt again post. I predicted in that post that epicenter seems in Continue reading “China 7.8 earthquake struck in Sichhuan province”

Wise Man And Mad Man

There were three men sitting in open. Two wise men and one moorkha (the mad man). One of the wise men said, “look! how beautiful the day is”. The second man agreed and shared the joy. But the moorkha got furious. He thought these people have made a lobby against him and he should oppose their views with his full strength.
Wise Man And Mad Man
He stands abruptly and starts calling sunny day a “dark night”. Both the wise men thought, they should realise truth to moorkha and Continue reading “Wise Man And Mad Man”

Universe Has Contracted

कालचक्र की गती तेज होगई है।
If any of you people are associated with astronomy (or is associated with agencies like ISRO and NASA) and you believe in Sixth Sense kind of phenomena then take a new study try to evaluate whether I am right or not. I felt that Universe and subsequently our solar system has contracted a bit (a bit is quite significant figure in astronomy). If you have data on any particular stars position in digital figures try evaluating their position again with previous data (earlier than Sep 30th, 2007). Universe is continuously expanding and contracting, but whats the catch here is you have to evaluate my statement that Universe has contracted and that too in a specific period between Sep 30th, 2007 and Oct 2nd, 2007.

If this is true all the data available there about orbital paths of asteroids and star constellations might have altered Or its just relative proportional contraction. Check if I am right. The amazing thing here is that can a person sitting on Earth feel whats happening in the universe without the help of any scientific instruments or its just a useless feelings one person is having and blogging it to waste other people’s time. Whats the use of blogging if I could not find whether my senses are projecting truth or not. Ok! I got quakes right because people felt these and read newspapers, viewed on TV, but what about Universe the space. If this came out to be true man you have to lay new fundamentals of the science all together…”What a crazy blog. Man! I need a break”, but its worth sharing any information. Who know I may be contributing to the new future of humans. “Short on language skills but full on senses.”

If any of you people have friends or relatives in NASA or ISRO or any other Astronomy agency please forward this post to them I need answer for this.

Nature Proved Twice

Click on image for bigger view
Powerful earthquake, Indonesia on Sept. 12, 2007, quake prediction
I am crazy or what? 🙂
Nature proved it second time.
first I wrote about an impending quake, I wrote that earth is moving in East South to West North Read this Post first, about my prediction of Mexico quake : http://paramlowe.com/2007/08/31/earth-is-moving/.
I wrote a foot note in that post and said that the direction of movement has changed on 8th Sep, 2007 and the wave I experienced was having South to North and rebounding short pulse in North to South direction.
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Third time too came true. link added on October 4, 2007
Nature proved third time. Quake prediction came true on October 4, 2007 Read
3rd quake prediction came out true

Earth is moving

Not once not twice but its becoming regular with me. My Sixth Sense makes me aware just a few days before any major or minor quakes. The most ridiculous thing for others is that, I feel quakes as far as Turkey, Iran on western side and japan on eastern side. Now a days I feel that Earth is moving in East South to West North. But the intensity is too low, this makes me predict that its far away from my location but its coming either big or small. Continue reading “Earth is moving”