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Lord Shiva as Bollywood hunk actor

Hey girl! Get your facts clear.

Bollywood hunk as Lord Shiva
Bollywood hunk as Lord Shiva

In Advait philosophy, it is not a desirable thing to draw portraits of Gods and Goddesses for worshiping them. There is a rational explanation to it. A good looking beautiful portrait is an artist’s efforts to represent an attractive work of art and nothing more. God is worshiped as all attractive one and no man of faith can deny this but the thing is external beauty is just an illusion. The real essence of beauty is felt by a tender heart. One can get attracted towards a fair skinned, sharp featured, rosy face. But if filthy or abusive talk is what you receive form that mouth, I am sure you will agree with me that you would not like to see that face again. So, what is beauty then? As the famous quote reveals “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, is kind of misleading phrase. I would like to present it like this, that “Beauty is realized by a beautiful mind, with a tender heart”.

These days you would see some really magnificent portraits of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on social media. People from all over the world are cherishing such beautiful images. There is no doubt, some great artists have represented these with great devotion and fine work of hand. But type casting Gods or we may say Divinely beings in a particular attire or dress up, basically put seeker on a deluded path. You may find this as coinciding with Islamic view of non idol worship. Yes, in a way it is so, but at the same time Advait philosophy advocates non-violence and tolerance towards other faiths and ways of worship and life styles.  Because of tolerant culture, idol worship and many faiths has existed in Hindu (* Hindu title is a misnomer, it just represents geographic location of people who worshiped god and taught the world about Godly way of life in olden times. In reality we “Hindus” call ourselves as eternal people “Sanatanies” and our land is called Bharat “A place to be divine and reach God-head”).


Recently, I came across an image of Lord Shiva, where in a Bollywood handsome dude is represented in the form of Lord Shiva holding the Trident up in air. At first that image made me giggle, as I was amazed at the mindset of that girl, who posted it. What she is pursuing? Is she a fan of Bollywood hunk or she is a devotee of Lord Shiva? These two words devotee and fan, might sound different, but the effect is same on mind vibes of the person. And when this phenomena crosses the bounds of mental Health, then the person is diagnosed as suffering with a religious mania or fan mania. None of these is good for Spiritual and physical harmonious growth of a man. People try to find business in every way of life and so is the way of Spiritual conquest. You will find people selling holy charms, pendants of deities, images of Gods and Goddesses and some even sell yantras for all kinds of life problems. Yantras for making money, Yantras for good sex life, Yantras to control somebody etc. etc. This is not limited to Hindu religion. You will find this malady in every religion. There may be some bush man who would give you dried blood of a rooster or some monk offering some kind of beads for physical well being etc. This business keeps on going unhindered and there is no law that can prevent a man to seek solace from hardship of this material world. Just like as a crying child can be brought at peace with fancy toys so is the childish mind of so called mature persons.


People say religion is just a way of life and the modern times have even discarded the need of one to live in a civilized manner keeping the horses of human will free but bound by the rope of social laws. I was talking about that girl, who posted an image of Bollywood actor as Lord Shiva posing with his sculpted shaped six pack body, on social media. I think she hasn’t heard the story about marriage of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. It is a famous folk lore in rural India. People sing the about how Goddess Gauri saw Lord Shankra sitting in a deep meditation and fell in love with him. When her parents came to know about her choice of Lord Shankra as her groom then they describe his physical attributes as a horrible looking personality. Goddess Parvati’s father Daksha was King of a Himalayan state and aspired her to marry some handsome Prince or a kingdom. The King Daksha then ask her, how could she like an esoteric, renunciate, homeless wonderer, whose personality is horrifying, who lives out of city bounds, looks much older, has white hair on his head and beard, one who smears his body in ash of a pyre, one who lives half naked. Even in present times, in rural villages of northern part of India, ladies still sing about Lord Shiva’s marriage and say that “An old man has brought the marriage procession to marry a young princess”. We came to know this description of Lord Shankra from Sati’s father and one might wonder about the divine inclination of Goddess Gauri towards Lord Shankra, to accept him as her groom. These girls of glam fam times, who are fan of sculpted bodies of Hollywood – Bollywood actors would pass out screaming, at the mere sight of horrible looking Lord Shiva and not to forget the poisonous cobra curled up on his neck. I just laugh at such delusional glam fan girls, who tend to show themselves as spiritually inclined and talking about Kunadlini yoga etc.  Their Lord Shiva has to be a handsome hunk. What can I say? Worldly people are under the spell of maya and they are acting their play accordingly and it’s a usual story.

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Why does flash.php and gordon.js files on my website’s code?

Mandrek Phantom
Recently, I made some changes on one of my website’s code and when I looked at the source code of webpage in Mozilla Firefox 18, I was surprised to see

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="" language="javascript"></script>

script inserted just below the <html> tag. Oh yeah Flash Gordon the super hero of my teen years. I use to sketch super heroes in my drawing book. Why only Flash Gordon? We can use Superman, Batman, Phantom, Spiderman, Mandrek (oh that’s a linux OS). Wonder Years  were those Teen years! At first, I thought it might be the forced advertisement code inserted by my ISP.  Then I viewed the same source code in Apple Safari 5.1.7 and to my surprise the that code was not part of my webpage’s source. So, Why this javascript flash.php?file=gordon.js appeared in Mozilla Firefox 18? After looking around settings in FireFox, I realised this might be due to change in UA settings. This script only appears when UA settings are set to iPhone. I do not think its a Trojan or any malicious code, but as a website admin you can never trust external javascript files for safety issues. If you know about this script please share it here by posting comments.

Is ceramic pan or cookware safe for cooking?

Ceramic Cookware Fry Pan
Ceramic Cookware Fry Pan

We live in India and every new merchant tries to sell things to Indian consumer. In India women mostly choose to be a household manager and generally does the cooking for her family. The sole main source of entertainment for Indian housewives is the Cable TV, DTH or Satellite TV. My mother is no different. She likes to watch TV a lot. The home shopping channels are most favorite among women and it is a universal phenomena. Recently she saw a ceramic cookware being sold on one of the Tele Shopping Channel. I remember that last time I saw a ceramic cookware was one Military Jug from Russia. My mother told me to order one for her. Being an aware consumer, I prefer to search on net about the newly invented product and then decide whether to buy it or not. I did some research on safety of ceramic coated pans and cookware and found out that there is risk of Lead poisoning from such cookware and I have decided not to buy ceramic cookware.

USA Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootout 20 Children Killed

Connecticut , Newtown via CNN news
In one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history, a heavily armed man dressed in black wearing military vest (recognied as 20-year-old Adam Lanza), walked into a Connecticut opened fire in a Connecticut elementary school, killing nearly 30 people — most of them children. Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy Lanza divorced Adam’s father, Peter, in 2008. Peter Lanza, now a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, agreed to annual alimony payments that started at $240,000 and would have reached $298,800 in 2015.

Teach your child to Respect LIFE
20 Children Killed in Newtown, Connecticut

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Urdu Poetry : Ehna Murshad Kehra Paiya by Param Lowe

While surfing some friend request from my YouTube Channel I came across this video. It seemed to be from Pakistan side of Punjab. The street singers “Marrasies” were singing in front of a house where wedding preparations might be going on.
The song touched my heart for the reason that they are Pakistanis. While we people of India have been victim of cross border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan’s State agencies. I felt that people who are not in this filthy dark political rivalry, are living more human life than others. A man is a man whether he is Pakistani or Indian (Bhartiya, Hindustani). I am not a commercial poet or writer, my pen gleans only soul vibes and here is one that this video inspired.

Ehna Murshad Kehra Paiya

Date 26th May, 2012 at 10 am IST

Ehna Murshad Kehra paiya,
Jineh Haath Rasad Barood Naiho,
Ehna Haath Saaj Farayaa!
Be-gunah Da Ghar Na Ujadieya,
Ehna Shagnaa de Geet Gaiya,
Ehna Murshad Kehra Paiyaa,
Allah Mehar Karin Ehnaa Namaniyaa,
Ehna Ghar Daniya Daiyeen Paiyaan

………………………….. Param Lowe

Q. What is sixth sense?

sixthsense Param Lowe
Living man with SixthSense

SixthSense India !

Q. What is sixth sense?

A. Sixth Sense is evolved or developed sensory power of mind. I am the real living example of SixthSense in humans. Here is an opportunity to learn from my personal experience on how to develop sixth sense? Join Param Lowe’s  online webcast starting April 2012. The fee of joining is USD 9045.00r  and Webcast subscription is for 4 months.  For Joining procedure visit this page Sixth Sense meditation yoga online webcast camp joining page.