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3.5 M Earthquake hits Ottawa, Canada 29th March 2011

w.r.t my previous post: unusual Seismic activity detected and my illustration of seismic activity on Globe see this image

(about 6 hours ago) A small earthquake was reported just north of Deep River, Ontario Tuesday. The 3.5-magnitude quake happened at 12:04 p.m. about 66 kilometres northeast of Deep River, according to Earthquakes Canada. Deep River is just 10 minutes from Chalk River, where the AECL nuclear plant is located. Deep River is about two hours northwest of Ottawa. There are no reports of damage or injury.
Source: Ottawa.CTV.ca

UPDATE : 5.2 M Earthquake Hits Honshu, Japan on 29th March, 2011 at Time: 23:36:52.8 UTC

ALERT : Moderate Seismic activity noticed South(W) towards East(N)

ALERT Seismic activity noticed at 10:55 Hrs IST (05:25 GMT/UTC)
Direction : South (30 degrees in West) towards East (45 degrees in North)
same as I felt before 8.8 magnitude Earthquake struck in JAPAN .
Nature of seismic pulse : shortwave
Intensity : moderate
duration : 20 to 30 seconds
view the picture posted here below
Seismic activity noticed on 29th March, 2011

Unusual Seismic activity detected

Yesterday(i.e 27th March, 2011) whole night, I was sleepless and there was light headache at the top and today two incidents of seismic activity were noticed by my sixth sense. First, at around 14:45 hrs IST (09:45 GMT) and second one at 21:55 Hrs IST (16:55 GMT). The unusual thing was that, there were only one to two bumps felt with a gap of around 5-6 seconds between them and bumps were of extra long wavelength. The depression of seismic wave was narrow and less depth was felt in it. I can compare it like a long hump whale’s back. That is why I termed it as an unusual seismic activity. The direction seams like, North (20 deg in West) towards South (20 degrees in West) parallel to North->South, same as previously posted image.

Now a days, feel like I should buy a touch screen android or windows mobile as a great deal of time is wasted in connecting to wifi with my old laptop.

6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Myanmar (BURMA, 24.03.2011)

Large quake hits Myanmar near northern Thailand
Reuters By Panumet Tanraksa – Thu, Mar 24, 2011 11:27 PM IST

Myanmar Earthquake
CHIANG MAI, Thailand (Reuters) – A large 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Myanmar near the border with northern Thailand on Thursday, killing a woman and shaking buildings in three big cities.

People fled their homes in panic and tremors were felt in Bangkok, central Myanmar and as far away as the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, leading to the evacuation of several tall buildings and offices.

Police in Mae Sai in Thailand’s northernmost province of Chiang Rai said a woman had been killed when a wall of her house collapsed. Hospital officials said there were no other deaths or injuries reported in the province.
Read Full story on Yahoo!

OMG 8.8 mag Earthquake struck JAPAN and huge Tsunami

In my previous post, which I have posted just 5-6 hours back, I have mentioned that the direction of Seismic pulses being noticed by me have reversed and now it moving from South to East.
After that post I went for lunch and saw news on TV about 8.8 magnitude Earthquake struck in Japan. While I was watching the news videos goose bumps started cropping on my body. The news videos of Earthquake was nothing less terrifying to believe that we are seeing end of world kind of movie. This can happen anywhere. May God save us from such devastation. Do you still think Climate change debate was b.s.?

Watch here news video 8.8 magnitude Earthquake struck Japan on 11th Macrh 2011

Seismic direction reversed now South to East

Today at around 11:12 Hrs IST (+5:30 GMT) I felt seismic activity of low intensity and I noticed that it had reverse direction than the seismic tremors I have felt few days back.

Direction : going from South (approx. 40 degrees in West) towards East (approx. 10 degrees in North)
nature : Shortwave (rapid bumps)
intensity : low
duration : 20 sec approx.

I have made an illustration of seismic activity on Globe map posted here under
Sixth Sense detection of seismic activity on Globe in March 2011

ALERT : An Earthquake may strike India in next 12 hours

My recent tweets on 24th Feb,2011 Thursday at 15:35 Hrs IST (GMT/UTC Thu 10:05)

ALERT : Earlier the Seismic pulse was of shortwave nature, means an impending Earthquake near my location and may be coming in few Hours (4-12)
very low intensity longwave type a couple of Seismic bumps traveled under my feet at Thu15:27 Hrs IST (GMT/UTC Thu 09:57)
I did not felt anything before #earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand may be wavelength of seismic pulse couldn’t travel towards north half of globe
No Seismic activity felt at 15:16 Hrs IST ……Calm now….hopefully …
Earthquake Seismic intermediates bumps still being felt by me… at 15:12 Hrs IST (GMT/UTS Thu 09:43)
moderately high Shortwave nature Seismic Pulse passed at 15:06 Hrs IST (09:37 GMT/UTC) dir North (40 deg West) towards South (40 deg East)

Entertainment as tool of Governance.

Entertainment is a best tool of Governance these days.
Since the invention of electronic mode of entertainment like radio, satellite TV, video games it has tremendous impact on soothing out public outrage against unpleasant policies and inefficiencies of Government systems world over. I am quite sure, if entertainment industry is brought to a halt (lets consider USA and India), there will be more civil unrest against government policies and inflation than its now which is just a breaking news on TV news channels. People are busy watching tv than looking around the world. See now there will be Cricket World Cup in months of February and March of 2011. I know current Indian government is keeping its fingers cross that Indian people get consumed into this b%ll Sh%&t cricket telecasts and it will be, I know it. Sometimes, a thought comes to my mind whether Mahatma Gandhi would have been successful in bringing the self reliance conscious to the minds of Indians, if satellite TV and other entertainment modes would have been made freely available by Britishers? I do burst into a mind giggle on this thought and am sure you will also agree, it would have been a nightmare and Bapu Gandhi would have been sitting in some hospital’s psychology ward for all that mental energy he would have spent on keeping himself dedicated on his pursuit. I think Britishers were late in inventing this (entertainment) tool of government. But don’t loose heart we Indians are still following the world. Don’t just laugh, but consider the illusion of times we are living our lives in. You can spend time watching American pie and sleep into American dream until you see the impact of wasting time on entertainment in decaying social and economical order around your self. On 14th Feb, valentine’s day, the first news on tv shocked me. Seven young men in their early twenties hanged themselves or were murdered and hanged, that too in New Delhi area, center of Indian Government. What is going on? So many murders, so many rapes, so many scams, so many scandals and inefficient governance. Yet there is no sign of any unrest among people. Simply we are busy seeking entertainment. If you are visiting India, you will see Cricket News casts every other minute on TV and newspapers columns running from first page to the last. We Indians are so much “seeker” of pleasure that even if the so called ET aliens came to capture us we won’t realise it until the Cricket World Cup is over.

India: require new legislative leafs to control use of Innovative Technology

Electronic Cigarette
Yeah! that’s the weirdest title, I have ever written for a blog post. But its “the call of times” and in my avatara to generate socio-political sparks, I find it suitable to bring this thought to the minds and conscious of legislators. “Legislation to counter Innovative Technology”. I must clarify here, that am not against innovations or the phenomenon of Innovative technology, but I am of opinion that we should not just take it for granted that all the technology that comes under our purchasing power is gonna benefit our social structure and should be bought, imported or is licensed to do business. I just saw some videos about electronic cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarette
At first, I thought what a novel idea to help smokers quit smoking, but after watching a few videos more I realised that this gadget if became popular here in India, will bring drug abuse to a menacing level. Drug abuse and addiction has already became a major threat to social security in most parts of India. I think electronic cigarettes will become fashion in India in near future and even non smokers will be inclined to try the “Safer & Healthy” labeled puffing gadget. That is why, I am initiating this this spark towards those who ink the book of legislative norms for our nation. There should now arise a need to formulate laws to govern electronic modes of intoxication.