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Lesson : HR for human resource

(Spiritualistic view)
A few days back, I attended a lecture cum conference event. The topic of event was “How to manage HR in new business ventures?”. Listening to this lecture, I was in disagreement with this approach. The HR person talked about a hidden tests for evaluating the “flexibility” and dedication.
Like if the job seeker lived in Andheri locality of Mumbai, he would be called to a far place like Chembur for interview session. (Mumbai localities started popping in my mind. Juhu, Kandiwali, Malad, Goregaon, Saien, Kurla, Bandra.. Yeah! I have been to Bombay twice). I totally disagree with the vision being put forward through the lecture. I think Continue reading “Lesson : HR for human resource”

INDIA? Hindustan or Bharat?

A question was asked on one of the videos uploaded by me India national anthem Jan Gann Mann with Hindi lyrics

Q : why is India called “hindustan” when many Sikhs and Muslims live there? just an honest questions…no hate! (asked by YouTube user)

Here is the answer :
Hindustan is a name given by Arab traders to Sindhu River Civilization. In Persian language they pronounced Hindu rather than Sindhu and the Inhabitants were named as Hindu. Hindustan word is western pronunciation of word “Hind-o-sthan”. Sthan is a Sanskrit language word which means land area or location. Word “Sthan” is pronounved with “th” sound as in word “Thailand” and “Thyrod”, where as in ancient times European traders and travelers to India started pronoucing it as Hindustan, “Tieland”. In fact people were (and still are) Snatanis (eternal), Jains and Bhudhist. In same manner European Traders Termed Sindhus -> Hindus -> Indus And the name INDIA came into existence.
Likewise English speaking westners name river GANGA (pronounce as gun-ga, n sounds in nose) as Ganges. India’s real name and identity is Bharat which literary means “God of knowledge”, “Allah” in Persian and literary “The source of knowledge.” Now ISI and all jihadis should know what they have been doing till now. What misdeed they have done in prejudice?
Mahabharata the Book : Mahabharata is the holly book of “Hindus”. Normally people take Mahabharata name for the battle of Kurukshetra between Pandvas and Kaurvas but the awakened souls know that Mahabharata means “The Greatest Source of Knowledge”. That is why, Lord Krishna said, “one who gets the content of this Great epic divine song is freed from worldly bondage.”


Earthquake log : Seismic pulse noticed n-W to s-E at 16:12 hrs

Today 15th April, 2010
At 16:12 Hrs IST (10:48 hrs GMT)
Seismic activity was noticed by my Sixth Sense.
details of seismic pulse :
direction : more of West (n-W) going towards more of East (s-E)
duration: about 30 sec
number of peaks (i.e bumps) : 20 to 30 bumps
(margin: approx first 10 used up to detect direction)
nature : moderately intensity medium wave pulse

Previous seismic activity of this nature resulted in Haiti Earthquake.

There is marked change in polarization of direction earlier it was mid of north-west towards mid of South-East which we saw resulted in CA, Mexico and lately China Earthquake. But now direction has again shifted back to horizontal plane if we analyze with respect to “Globe”. see picture posted previously

ALERT : Again Haiti, Chili, Melbourne (AUS) and Taiwan should be on Alert for any Earthquake within 12 to 30 hours.

Earthquake log: long bumps mid of N-W towards mid of S-E

Earthquake log: long bumps mid of N-W towards mid of S-E

APRIL 10, 2010
Seismic activity detected at 13:40 Hrs IST (8:10 Hrs GMT)
time in image is by mistake written as 21:10 GMT the actual time was 13:40 IST +5:30 GMT.
Yeah! calculation becomes difficult while analyzing seismic tremor and writing tweets at the same time.
Duration : 30 to 40 seconds
Nature : long wave bumps (9-10 bumps)
Direction : middle of North-West towards middle of South-East

Seismic activity detected by human Sixth Sense 10th April, 2010

Indonesia, Mexico and Andaman Nicobar should be on Alert for 12-16 hours.

Seismic activity detected mid of North-West towards mid of East-South

At 8:54 Hrs IST (+5:30 GMT) medium wave seismic pulse traveled under my feet. The direction of this seismic pulse was from middle of North-West towards middle of East-South.
Duration : 20 – 30 seconds
intesity : weak
nature : medium wave
Seismic activity detected by Sixth Sense

Revised Consolidated Pension for Indian Army Officers

Circular No. 350 : Improvement in the pension

Indian Army, Indian military
Index of Concordance Tables of Revised Consolidated Pension to whom applicable
LETTER NO 14 (3) /2004-D (Pen/Sers). Vol-V Dated 2.5.2006

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More info attached here below:

Revised Pension of Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned Officers

Rates of revised service pension of Emergency Commissioned Officers/Short Service Commissioned Officers, who retired prior to 1.1.1996
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India Result : State Bank of India CLERKS examination result

Are you facing difficulty in finding out the result of SBI Bank’s Clerks recruitment examination?
SBI bank
Then Click Here to find your result for State Bank of India CLERKS examination

OR simply type www.sbi.co.in and click on recruitment link given on right side of SBI website.

Seismic_log: low intensity rapid pulse detected West to East

Seismic_log: low intensity rapid pulse was detected by me today (i.e. 27th March, 2010) at 9:13 Hrs IST +5:30 GMT. These small bumps were traveling faster and had a direction of West towards East.
See images here below. (copied from my twitter account)
Sixth Sense detected Seismic activity on 27th March, 2010

Sixth Sense detected Seismic activity on Globe 27th March, 2010