China 7.8 earthquake struck in Sichhuan province

China Quake 12 May 2008I forgot about China. I forgot that there are people living beyond Himalayan mountains. On May 3rd I have written a post about the quake tremor pulse I experienced Read Earth Quake Pusle felt again post. I predicted in that post that epicenter seems in between J&K and Himachal, which is on the sane Earth/glob band to Sichhuan provincial capital of Chengdu, China. Even yesterday at 8:45 pm IST (Indian Standard Time, +5:30 GMT ) I felt a short duration pulse but it was not lengthy enough for me to figure out its direction and I thought who cares for my predictions or Sixth Sense. I was selfish. I am sorry. If I would have felt more pulses may be I could have been more specific.

In the Chinese capital Beijing, about 930 miles away, buildings swayed for more than two minutes but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Thousands of frightened office workers and shoppers evacuated buildings, including offices of the organizing committee for the Beijing Olympics. People lingered outside buildings in the central business district even a half-hour after the shaking stopped.

Source : The Associated Press
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China Quake 12 May 2008

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