Earth is moving

Not once not twice but its becoming regular with me. My Sixth Sense makes me aware just a few days before any major or minor quakes. The most ridiculous thing for others is that, I feel quakes as far as Turkey, Iran on western side and japan on eastern side. Now a days I feel that Earth is moving in East South to West North. But the intensity is too low, this makes me predict that its far away from my location but its coming either big or small.

Frequency and time when I feel :
10 am – 11:30 am, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, 8pm – 9:30 pm (IST, Indian Standard Time) occurs once in a day in any time slab
or twice in a day in first and third time slab. once a week and some times two consecutive days

Duration I feel: 5 to 10 seconds if it increase to 10 to 20 the quake comes in few hours to 24-48 hours.

(……… isn’t that seems crazy ……… 😉 )

How do I predict the direction?

I just lookup towards ceiling fan and concentrate on movement, I feel while am resting in chair or lying in bed. Sitting predictions are more accurate than in lying position. Sometimes intensity is very low to show any effects even on ceiling fan. Sometimes street dogs either disappear or start barking all together while gathering in a group in small area in strange close vicinity to each other forming a shape of an arch “(” and all facing in same direction and gradually calm down in descending tone.

Look at the following picture now lets see if there is any quake in a few days or a couple of weeks in range with relation to following picture.

Click on picture for bigger view
sixth sense quake predictions

How crazy is this?

Just 48 hours lapsed when I predicted an impending quake and 6.3-magnitude earthquake, Mexico Earth Quake happened..
Mexico how far but on same strip of Earth.

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Mexico earth quake, September 2007
WASHINGTON – A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Saturday in the Gulf of California off Mexico’s west coast, the US Geological Survey said. The quake struck some 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Los Mochis in the Sinaloa coastal region at a depth of 56 kilometers, the United States monitor said in a report. It measured 6.3 on the Moment Magnitude scale, classed as a strong quake in the scale which measures the energy produced by a tremor.

09/01/2007 22:03 GMT

Calm for Six days and new wave

Added on 9th September,2007

Maxico Quake passed and it was a calm for six days and I thought now it will be a long span (probably 2 – 3 months) to expect any new wave, but it happened yesterday. This time a little unusual wave profile and direction of wave was also altered. I noticed tremor waves twice on yesterday. These were of very low intensity and were separated by a time gap was of 5 hours.
First wave
Date:8th September,2007
time : 3:20 pm (IST)
Wave Direction : South to North 4 sec wave and returning or rebounding wave North to South 1 sec
Wave Duration : 4 sec.
Wave gap : 3-5 sec.

Second wave
Date : 8th September,2007
time : 8:16 pm (IST)
Wave Direction : South to North 3 sec wave and no returning or rebounding wave
Wave Duration : 3 sec.
Wave gap : 3-5 sec.

Click on picture for bigger view Sixth Sense Quake waves

Yah! I know what you make of all this and you are right humans cannot act as apparatus/instrument and evaluate seismic activities. We (living beings with senses, conscious and intelligence”) are vulnerable to atmosphere/climate and most importantly living being’s bio chemical profile. Like in some cases of narco chemicals the chemical balance or we say biochemistry of brain changes which results in hallucinations and paranoiac experiences. What are figures of my blood glucose, a medical person will inquire… may be …blah .. blah.. blah ., but I still dare to stand for transcendental and spiritual world and there are things that are beyond the perception and scope of Science………. 🙂

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