Everybody wants to be successful

“Everybody wants to be successful” and nothing wrong in it, BUT one should realise whether his/her business adds to the progress of harmonious civilization/Society or its just causing harm and destruction. These TV news channels don’t realise that the journalism has immense power, to make opinions and mindset of a viewers towards a particular thing. The very First ethic of Journalism is “Not to create fear and frenzies with news items based on just rumors and false information”. When journalism becomes a commodity, it becomes carcinogenic for the society. Now a days, anyone can manipulate a demographic area with the help of Animation and manipulative AV tools to secure their vested interests and inhumane vices. These days, Indian media persons are so much vulnerable to foreign news media, I wonder they carry some wit to be certified as Journalists. I know there is “cut-throat” competition for gaining more viewership and TRP but they should think before telecasting. THINK ! You need “a 30 min manipulated AV film” to make you believe in fake propaganda. FYI a couple of “low budget” Indian news Channels (live in India? you probably know already about the packau channels) have been blocked in our Home TV. My parents and sister could not bear such a bad news item either.. 🙂

Think !! patarkaro tum samaj ke shakshi aur sutradhar ho !!

This post was written after the repeated telecast of Alien and UFO news by some struggling Indian news TV channels and also in response to the comment by Mr. V.Raj on my previous post Fake News Alien and Moon Landing also read in Hindi Blog Dev Vani Alien, Pargrahi, Doosre grah ka Prani

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