Quake alert August 2008, for Sichuan, Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan


Quake alert [HIGH] for Sichuan, China, Jammu and Kashmir, Northern India, Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Today, 7th August, 2008 at around 16:56 IST (04:56 pm India, +5:30 GMT) I felt strong and rapid tremors. These tremors were stronger, in period 16:56 – 16:57 and eventually died down in period 16:57-16:58. The direction, I figured out was South to North-west. See picture for better explanation with regard to globe map. As I have mentioned in my very first quake logs the strong and rapid tremor pulses bring quake with in 2 to 24 hours, a big quake is knocking at door. Last time it was in California and direction was East-south to North-west. this time is quite parallel to South-North line the head is in East-South square making an angle of 15 or 20 with South line and foot is in North-West square, making
a negative angle (15 or 20 degrees) with line North.

Click on image (India Map) to view in big size 765×621 pixcels. Opens in new window.
Param Lowe Sixth Sense quake alert 7th August 2008

I was trying since 9 pm IST but there was technical failure with Airtel Broadband; my internet service provider (ISP)

watch in bigger size at TV.ParamLowe.com

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