Quake log : 23rd May, 2008 Two new quake tremors

Quake Log : Two new pulses in a span of half an hour.

Today at 10:01 am IST (+5.30 GMT) I experienced a very low quake tremor wave and second one at 10:22 am IST (Indian Standard Time). Second one was also too low in bounds to be analyzed for the direction of tremor.

Q. What does my Sixth Sense says?

 A. My Sixth Sense makes me think that…

  1. There will be a quake in next two weeks. (could be within next 24 to 48   hours, may be).
  2. This time the quake will be
    1. either bigger than the Chengdu (China) quake and it will be in same Shichhuan province.
    2. OR it will be of nearly same intensity but will be nearer to my place ( i.e. Mohali city of Punjab State of  India) but will be in China that is for sure.

The second possibility has lesser probability of occurrence, I think. Normally the quake epicenter does not shift horizontally it has a tendency of polar (vertical) movement. Lets wait and watch what happens! But you can for sure take caution if you are living in that area. Humans are acting so foolishly one can’t imagine how humans claim to be “the intelligent species”.

Author: Param Lowe

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