Ram-setu the bridge made by GOD!

Ramsetu : Ramayan is not myth-o-logical story
Ram-setu (Ram, Rama, incarnation of Lord Vishnu; the supreme power. Setu is Sanskrit word meaning a bridge) is a not a man made bridge but a bridge made by awakened souls with the power of spiritualism. Now the Indian Government came with a one newly found Ramayana. The UPA lead Democratic Government of India is making a view point that Lord Ram shattered the bridge after Supreme Mother Sita was rescued from the Demon Kingdom of Lanka. This is so ridiculous story concocted by mortals the Earth dwellers that demi Gods pity on modern man’s intellect. This world follows the shadow of Rules laid in spiritual world, yet the dwellers here try many ways to escape the boundaries for their ill wishes. Now with advancement of technology humans enjoy super fast modes of transport and even air travel, yet this all is not sufficient to prevent any further damage to the land area on Earth planet.

Ramsetu - the bridge made by God Ram
Satellite photo of Ramsetu. Click on image for bigger view

I am not associated with any of the religio-political groups neither Congress and its allies nor BJP and its allies. My political inclination depends on the righteousness of the day, though you can say I like people who show their devotion and faith in God. Before previous elections I did wrote an email to Mr. A. B. Bajpai through their party’s portal that Mr. Bajpai should launch some young faces to lead their political agenda otherwise I am not going to vote for them and the comedy of errors that followed in my family after we received a recorded promotion call on bsnl phone, was so hilarious that we bust into laugh whenever the event is remembered. No matter how weird this looks to you this is normal with me 🙂 and BJP lost that election and it does not look greener even this time either for them.You know what made people loose faith in them? Togaria’s abusive language against a women…

Jai Shri Hari Vishnu -Glori of Lord Vishnu; the supreme power

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