Indian Politics “Poly-tics”

Indian Politics “Poly-tics”

Mr. Shashi Tharoor is into Indian politics now days. I was astonished when he failed to win UN Secretary General’s post and thought some world politics might have been the reason, otherwise he seemed so intelligent and peace loving personality. But now his recent statement on economy class passengers has shattered all doubts about him not sitting in UN’s top chair. Certainly he was not the right person for the post. As Himaliyan saints tell us what you speak what you write projects your inner self. Mr. Shashi Tharoor failed to find justifiable phrases to project his thoughts and has brought a shame to himself and also to his political party that is INC/UPA. In Hindi language there is a slang which goes like this “Aasmaan se girey, Khajoor mein atkey” which means “First you fell from highs and now can’t find ground either”; aptly suits him.

Author: Param Lowe

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