Kolaveri : What is the meaning of word Kolaveri?

There was a hot news on Indian TV news Channels about Indian Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Powar being slapped by a Sikh youth Harvinder Singh in protest of rising inflation on food index. Now as usual we all Indians are in habbit of searching raw videos of breaking news “Sharad Powar slapped by a Sikh youth” on Youtube. I did the same and while I was searching about the video, I noticed a very strange title for the video of Sharad Powar slapped. The title was “Why this Kolavery di?/” and next moment it was on my facebook wall. One of my friend posted it. I asked him What does this Kolaveri mean?”. He didn’t know, but posted it as it was a viral video. I don’t promote things, which I am not well aware about. I was confused what does this word kolaveri means, never heard such word. So, did some Google Search and came to know that its a Tamil slang word which literally means “What is this noise?” and its a popular song from an upcoming Tamil movie titled “3”. Here is the video “Why this Kolaveri?”

KOLAVERI why this kolaveri di

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