Breast Cancer Risks, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments

Breast Cancer Risks, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments

Breast Cancer Study on
Woman’s biggest fear when the beautiful curvy figure becomes a cause of sleepless nights. Breast cancer is one of the main malignant disorders, which ruin a woman’s life; both physically and psychologically. Early diagnosis of Breast Cancer is an important factor that makes a big difference in the effectiveness of medical treatment of the malignant tumors. Breast screening in forms of physical and clinical breast exams, x-ray mammography, MRI and biopsy are the effective methods to diagnose any unsuspecting cancers. A self examination of breasts on regular basis is the key to catch the bud in the nip.

Download 1 : How to Perform a Breast Self-Exam. (PDF in Hindi)

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Etiology, self measure and Symptoms (When your body alarms you!)

Breast cancer prevention :  Self examination method for lumps detection
First of all you should be aware of the fact that breast cancer breeds on the fatty lumps found in breasts and if you feel any nodule or lump in you breast get a screening done for the same. Keep in mind that not all lumps are cancer tumors, but you should play on safer side, specially if you have family history of breast cancer (like your mother or grandmother or real sisters). If you find any lump do not let yourself run into fear psychosis.

Symptoms, Alarms and signs of breast cancer
Here are some general symptoms that you should not ignore and get medical consultation sooner the better.

  1. Sensitive and Painful breasts; Pain in breasts
  2. Discharge from breasts; watery, milky or with blood and is foul smelling
  3. Irregular menstrual period and menstrual cycle
  4. Irregular and non-similar shape of breasts
  5. feel lumps in breasts
  6. lump(s) become painful, increases in number or size
  7. itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple
  8. change in color, shape, size, or texture of a breasts
  9. a nipple that is pushed inward rather than sticking out

Risk Factors
The causes of Breast Cancer are hormonal, environmental, genetic or a combination of any of these. A number of factors have been identified which affects a person’s risk of contracting Breast Cancer. These include age, sex, alcohol intake, eating habits, tobacco use, and exposure to radiation. However none of these factors can be singled out to be more susceptible group for getting Cancer.

See smoking is known to cause cancer but take the case of Shahrukh Khan,he is infamous of being chain smoker and so is Ajay Devgan (no personal grudge, just what I hear from news media), they have avoided or we can say nature/genetics has kept them on safer side. This does not mean they won’t get cancer but they are in a high risk group of getting cancer.

I personally believe that aversion to active life style, continuous and excessive exposure to carcinogenic chemicals like pesticides/insecticides and not to forget the ultra refined cooking oils does increase risk of acquiring/ getting into the traps of breast cancer (also other types of cancer). This does not mean that women living in fast paced metro city are in safer zone. Yes, the medical research and therapeutics surrenders to supers soul for the unknown etiology of carcinogenesis. Yes! what we are providing here is just a assumed scenario of high risk causing agents and modes. Other wise every women irrespective of her age is at risk of getting lumps/tumors in her breast. (benign means non cancerous lumps/tumor and malignant means cancerous tumors).

Social and Financial Implications
Here is the gruesome situation. If someone diagnosed with cancer, the very first thing that shorten their will is the financial burden they have to counter before preparing to counter this deadly disorder. Its like America’ war on Iraq very costly affair. In this situation I really feel that health insurance people are bigger devils than any other terrorist on this planet. Yes, believe me these Health insurance companies they are not Mother Teressa, they are more of capitalist business corporations, these care for turnovers not for life.
I don’t advise to ki$$ these Health Insurance people but do read their policies before you buy one. Its very treacherous business.( at least in India)

Diagnosis of breast cancer
X-ray Mammography/mammogram is the most commonly adapted procedure world wide to diagnose/screening of breast cancer.

Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) of a palpable breast mass is a well-established diagnostic technique. Palpable cysts can be readily identified and therapeutically drained by FNA. With an adequate cell sample, an FNA cytologic diagnosis of a palpable solid breast mass can be obtained in 90% of suspected cases.
Fine needle Aspiration

Breast Biopsy X-ray mammogram study is analyzed on the basis of shadow received on X-ray film. An oncologist, if receives suspicious/abnormal study can further advise the patient for breast biopsy. It is breast biopsy only which can determine whether a lump in breast is benign (non cancer) or malignant (cancerous lump). FNA provides cells for cytologic diagnosis; however, histological tissue diagnosis of palpable or radiological abnormalities can be achieved by core biopsy

This is why you should not panic if you find lumps in self physical examination of your breasts

Treatment of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer treatment depends upon stage and spread of malignancy in breasts. Generally breast cancer is treated with Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, Radiation therapy and surgery. Surgery does not always require removal of whole breast now a days there are techniques that can help keep the shape of breast and the gravity of surgical removal of breast depends upon spread of malignancy and only our oncologist is the one to decide what is best for your life and health

For further study on treatment procedures. I advise you to read more at

Breast Cancer Self Study Course

Breast Cancer Self Study Cousce
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I have provided this knowledge as best to my knowledge and do not claim to be a genuine authority on Oncology. If you think you are at risk of breast cancer, please take a professional medical opinion from an Oncologist (the cancer specialist).

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This article here is for information purpose only and contains content poster/writer’s personal opinions on the breast cancer.

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