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Beware!! Hackers want your Bank details. Bill Gates “Microsoft” money?

These days hackers are running an email scam and they ask you to forward this image via email to your friends. Do not fall for such Free money offers even if some emails claim it to be a genuine program. They just want your bank details. As soon as you provide them your bank login id and passwords they will empty your savings within seconds. If you receive an email with an image similar to following photo. Just press delete on this message.

Microsft Free money email scam

911 rememberance, September 11, 2001 Attack on WTC, New York

On 9th September, 2001. it was evening time and I gathered some strength to sit up for evening tea. It was around 6:40 pm local time India, turned on the tv and was switching channels and in between landed on CNN. I was a regular viewer of CNN and BBC world as these
two international news channels were freely available at that time. Mother served tea and Continue reading “911 rememberance, September 11, 2001 Attack on WTC, New York”

Downloads : Soul Music Collection CD1

Download Free Music, Bhajans, Shri Krishna, Iskcon Kirtans, iso downlaods
Recently, I have compiled a CD of my favorite Bhajans. Matashri also asked me for it and I thought, why not put it on File sharing website. I found MediaFire.com to be most user friendly among file sharing websites. I have tried Rapidshare also but it is not that user friendly. Rapidshare.com just delete your files as and when they desire. without any prior notice.

Download Soul Music Collection CD1

Click Here to download Soul Music Collection CD1(ccount_display(’21’) times downloaded)

Indians For SALE! Place your bid. Nuclear Liability Bill

Nuclear Liability Bill, 2010, India
Yes! Life of Indians (East India, Himalayan demographics) has been put on auction by NDA lead Indian Government and supported by the Indian parliament. I am talking about Nuclear Liability Bill which has been put forward in parliament for approval. So, What is this NLB about? Let’s try to explain in layman’s language. The NLB is a “bill for deciding the amount of money as the legal liability on Power Generation (electricity) company, to be paid as compensation, to family or relatives of the death of Indians in case of Nuclear Disaster in Thermal Plants. This is what Indians deserve? No!
First of all if it has become inevitable to depend on Thermal power generation to meet the demand of Electricity consumption for domestic and industrial purposes, then Government should not put Indian’s life on auction in front of power generation companies. The wicked politicians have conspired a deal behind doors (NDTV Gustakhi maaf’s realistic revelations) to secure their materialistic goals.

I singed GREENPEACE’s letter to Prime minister S. Manmoan Singh just for the sake of their movement, but found it a shear joke. It just pleads like a ruined women for compensation.

Dear Dr. Singh,

The nation looks at you for making India a power to reckon with, but at what cost? The Cabinet will pass the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill which still limits the compensation. The process of modifying the bill and sending it to a Standing Committee has failed the mandate to provide prompt compensation to the victims of a nuclear incident.#

With the context of Bhopal, it is ironical that India will pass a legislation that will limit the compensation. Democracy is for the people and requires you, as their representative, to put people before profit. We want the bill to provide for unlimited liability in case of an accident and not let foreign corporations get away with it.


#Get money after death! What a dark mind?

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01 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

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02 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

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03 Nuclear Liability Bill, India

Wake up Indian Government !! You are to serve us. We are not your commodity.

High Salaried Lunatics!! Are you one of them?

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Moon landing mission, Chandrayana
An Apology in advance if this post hurts some of you, but it is needed to bring you to light. Many a times I hear, about people who are well educated and serving big corporations with their managerial and technical skills specially in USA and some Indian IT companies here in Gurgaon, Bangaluru and Hydrabad.

So, who are these well placed and high salaried lunatics anyway? If you are somewhat Continue reading “High Salaried Lunatics!! Are you one of them?”

Priceless messages from Mahadeva’s transcendantal channel

Medical Breakthrough
Transcendental Medical Therapeutics of Mahadeva : Inject 10 -20 IU Insulin in Cardiac arrest cases when fear Ventricular dysfunction. This will save life of millions world wide.

Transcendental messages : Iceland volcano eruption is very serious event. If London shook twice in a day consider leaving 2 Africa. South Asia is safe.

Lord, God’s, Messages, World Peace, Medical Breakthroughs, New Science, Mahadeva, Lord of Lords, resurrection, Jesus, Kundalini, Chakras,Param Lowe, Divine Light

(25 & 26 July 2010) Earthquake Alert for Melbourn, California, Haiti and Chili

I have noticed (Sixth Sense) a significant Seismic Tremor passing from West to East (Gujarat, India to Burma) at 10:32 am IST (+5:30 GMT) Earthquake Alert (25 & 26 July 2010) for Melbourne, California, Haiti and Chili.
>> see pic
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Lesson : HR for human resource

(Spiritualistic view)
A few days back, I attended a lecture cum conference event. The topic of event was “How to manage HR in new business ventures?”. Listening to this lecture, I was in disagreement with this approach. The HR person talked about a hidden tests for evaluating the “flexibility” and dedication.
Like if the job seeker lived in Andheri locality of Mumbai, he would be called to a far place like Chembur for interview session. (Mumbai localities started popping in my mind. Juhu, Kandiwali, Malad, Goregaon, Saien, Kurla, Bandra.. Yeah! I have been to Bombay twice). I totally disagree with the vision being put forward through the lecture. I think Continue reading “Lesson : HR for human resource”