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Is dooms day a certain future??

Part 1

Personally, I don’t believe in a predicted day for dooms day, but I always had concerns about our planet and sings of degeneration all over. The high sensetivity towards surroundings is part of my persona. To talk about Sixth Sense, I don’t give myself credit of having a Sixth Sense, instead I take it as blessings of Supreme GOD. In past (5-6 years, before I started blogging about my experiences), whenever I predicted (use to tell parents about seismic tremors passing underneath my feet, while watching tv etc.) an earthquake and its was verified by news channels, I thought, how weaker Earth has been turned into by human lust of restructuring surroundings that, I am feeling quake tremors of distant continents?

I have always carried a sense of discomfort with urban outlook of modern civilization. It is not that I jumped onto the boat Continue reading “Is dooms day a certain future??”

5 days later, Earthquake in Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, central Afghanistan

On 2nd October,2008 I issued an alert of an impending Earthquake on western side of Earth (w.r.t India as center) and five days later here is a news about big Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 which jolted Central Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tibet.

Click on image to view in bigger size
7th October 2008 Earthquake in Tibet, Afghanistan and Kyrgzstan

Continue reading “5 days later, Earthquake in Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, central Afghanistan”

Long wave with short bumps West to East

Quake alert for California, Miami, NY, Maxico, Krachi, Kuchch Gujrat

4pm IST October 2nd, 2008 Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth anniversary

A quake is knocking on western part (with relation to India as center; my place) of Earth. Today at 3:32 pm (15:32 IST +5:30 GMT) I noticed a long wave of tremor going towards East. It lasted for 40 seconds and there were bumps in between, which is indicative of its stretched wave profile, which again indicates that Maxico, California could be the put on alert for an impending quake. Though it was first wave I have witnessed and I normally do not log tremor waves felt for first time with no reoccurred within 12 to 24 hours, but this wave had a long wave nature and it takes more time for long waves to travel long distances. May be next time it will be bringing a quake along with, so be alert California and Maxico and Miami Florida. Kuch Gujrat, Krachi can also be put on alert for any quake tremor felt or reported in that area.

late Mohan Chand Sharma : The departed Hero

Raj Karega Khalsa, Akki Rahe Na Koi !!
Delhi Police Special Cell inspector late Mohan Chand Sharma
The pure souls will rule. These golden words become alive as we saw the brave Hero
M. C. Sharma, yesterday. On September 20th, 2008 India, paid its whole hearted salute to their departed brave hero, Mohan Chand Sharma. He was an inspector with Special Cell of Delhi Police. Mohan Chand Sharma, who succumbed last evening to bullet injuries received during an encounter in Jamia Nagar, was cremated with full state honours at Nigam Bodh Ghat here today.

Fund Raising for Departed Hero’s family

His grieving mother said, "All these people, who are now raising their voice to chant his glorious feats, will not be here to look after us in trouble". Though this is reality that we cannot repay martyrs, but I really felt depressing shock in my heart. I am of opinion that we should raise fund for our Hero’s family so that they can buy services and facilities needed by them in any troublesome time of life. I am asking Indian media to collectively raise fund by setting up a single account and the stats of which should be made available to public. All news channels should come together for this noble cause. I know there is flood affected people who need our support. They need immediate relief in mode of food, clothing and shelter not just financial stats. Indian Government and NGOs are looking after this tragedy. On the same time we must not forget the Heroes and martyrs, who are putting their life at risk to secure ours. I think we can raise enough finances to make this family to have faith in financially secure future.
The 43 year old, deceased has left behind in his family an old mother, wife, two young daughters and one young son who is suffering from dengue fever and is under treatment in hospital. late M.C. Sharma could not even spare one hour to visit his son in hospital. Since last four days inspector Sharma was engrossed into his duty for nation. I salute such brave hearts. They are rare noble souls. May God rest is soul in peace and give his family strength to cope with this moment of despair.

My home made Large Hadron Collider, Proton collider ???

About LHC, HMHC home made Large Hadron Collider, Proton collider, September, 2008, Param Lowe, Sixth Sense, Prediction, intuition , Sixth Sense predictions India Param Lowe

Hey! man have you forgotten the simple rule that same charge repels and opposite charge attracts. How come these scientist are able to collide tho positive ions “Protons” escaping the above written rule??
Really makes me wonder struck!! ??
Why these scientists spent huge amount of time, money and drilled into Earth? when they can get a taste of failure, with home made replica of LHC HMHC “Home made Hordon Collieder”.
Here is how you can conduct this experiment at home, in expense of just 2 bucks. Yes just 2 bucks!!
Step by step LHC “HMHC” experiment :-
1. Clean up a desk
2. Put a nice cloth on top Continue reading “My home made Large Hadron Collider, Proton collider ???”

Doom’s day or dawn of new era?

Doom’s day or dawn of new era?

Just a day before, I came to know about CERN’s biggest experiment of this century. Some 2500 scientists, from 80 countries are involve in bringing this big event in our times. Yesterday, I came to know about this thing via Indian news media i.e. Cable TV news channels viz. Aajtak, IBN7 and IndiaTv. There was more of fear factor in pitch line of these news casts. And to tell you the truth, I am also, feeling some sense of caution and helplessness. You know, brave hearts does not feel fear, but they fear fools. The helplessness cripples intelligentsia, when fools have social certification of genius elite group. I don’t know much about this experiment, but these scientist claim that they are doing this to benefit humanity and want to bring a new era on earth. They should have taken an opinion from world before putting whole universe at stake. At least world would have tried to convince them or would have given them their vouch. Read this if you still don’t
know what I am talking about. CERN’s Biggest atom smashing experiment of this century

But before that, you should checkout my this video
GOD’s messages for this World 2008

Geneva Experiment September 2008 or Doom trigger

There are some scientist those claim that, Continue reading “Doom’s day or dawn of new era?”

Breaking News: Pakistan earth quake Sep 6, 2008

Yes! This time I was wrong in assuming its direction. This quake originated in Hindukush hills of North Pakistan near Afghanistan border. While I thought it was somewhere near Delhi or Rajasthan. As I finished posting my previous post my father called up me and said NDTV (one of news Continue reading “Breaking News: Pakistan earth quake Sep 6, 2008”

September quake log : a rapid tremor pulse South to North

September_6th_2008_quake_log : At around 11:21 am IST a rapid tremor pulse South to North was witnessed by me. This pulse was rapidest of all the tremors I have experienced till now and this time the duration was of 10 to 15 sec. Thought I am not 100% sure about its direction but still I was able to grasp its swing direction. It was South to North (70% sure) or it was having North to South (10% chances).

Rapid tremor pulses are very mysterious Continue reading “September quake log : a rapid tremor pulse South to North”

Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia

UPDATE at 16:15 IST
I am uploading the evidence video (see at bottom) to YouTube and as it would take at least 45 minutes to upload 20 mb video (64kbps-Airtel, will change ISP or upgrade speed), I took a break and was watching news on IBN7. Breaking News flashed on scroll bar, a 6.5 on Richter scale Earthquake in Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands were also included on high alert list, when I released the 48 hour long Earthquake Alert on 7th August, 2008. There was no report of any loss of life, as this post is being published here.

Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia
Nature confirmed my Sixth Sense even this time!
This time the time frame of 48 hours was quite accurate.I have predicted Sichuan Quake and had given an ALERT on 7th August at 9pm IST (Read Continue reading “Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia”

Quake alert August 2008, for Sichuan, Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan


Quake alert [HIGH] for Sichuan, China, Jammu and Kashmir, Northern India, Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Today, 7th August, 2008 at around 16:56 IST (04:56 pm India, +5:30 GMT) I felt strong and rapid tremors. These tremors were stronger, in period 16:56 Continue reading “Quake alert August 2008, for Sichuan, Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan”