Now no need to continue Hunger Strike by Anna Hazare

Now there is no need for Mr. Anna Hazare to continue his fast “Ann-Shann”. What matters in democratic-parliamentary setup is the public opinion, which has already in full swing and Parliament has now realized that people of India are raising voice to lay down stringent law to put checks and balances on political executives and bureaucratic machinery. Watching Anna Hazare’s on TV, it reminds me of my Nana ji (maternal grandfather), who was also in his 70s when I last to visited him in my wonder years. It was summer vacations and He use to eat once or twice in a week. I was astonished for a child to see someone skipping food and still not crying out of hunger. He use to puff 3-4 cigarets a day. On asking about this magic of not eating food and still going on, he replied that in old age people don’t have much requirement to eat and he was in a habit of eating only when felt hunger, which I feel was a kind of healthy behavior people use to follow in olden days. So, coming back to Mr. Hazare’s fast, I feel its enough for his bio-system and he should at least eat some now.

Mahatama Ghandhi ji had different opposition, he was not protesting to a democratic system, it was colonial setup and only world forum and world affairs were the instruments to put pressure on the oppressive rule to curb their colonialism in time. Fast in today’s scenario is instrumental in seeking attention of public and finally to seek support and setup a public opinion in favour of one’s agenda, which I think (and you will also agree) has been already achieved by India Against corruption (Mr. Anna Hazare) organization. People like me were already feeling that this parliament is acting like they are our masters and we are here to be exploited economically and emotionally to fulfill their wishes. This was the reason we handed our support to Janlokpal bill over UPA’s Lokpal bill.

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