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Jai Shri Krishna !!


I welcome you all here on official site blog of Param Lowe.

Ya! Ya! I confess that ‘am not a kind of hardcore blogger like you people. This is my official and personal blog. This site has been launched today at 4:10 pm on 5th April, 2007. Its really wonderful to have a personal email id. Its mine now. Param At I just can’t explain the feeling.

Do you want the same feeling? Just visit

and grab the Beginner Website plan. The Beginner plan is just a promotional offer it will end soon, only 100 accounts a marked to be given away under this plan. This plan is so cheap that even a kid can afford a website from his pocket money.

This is just a welcome note, will post more soon. Presently, I am busy with the technical part of website setup. “Man WordPress is Good” for blogging online. lets see how it goes. I am just newbie to WordPress just got it after I read good testimonials about it from different users.

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