Learn PHP : Lesson 1 – Get it Easy

Ok you wanna learn PHP. Who knows you might be running next big thing. What ever! lets start first lesson. Your first code in PHP scripting language. I would advise you to learn a bit of HTML before you jump into PHP coding thing.

Like HTML, PHP also lives in tags known as open and close tags. <? is the open or start tags and ?> is close tags. Every PHP code stats with open tags and ends with close tags. In PHP 5 version coders are more inclined to use <?php open tags rather than <?

There are some really simple script commands in PHP like PRINT, ECHO, SET, GET, POST, FOR, WHILE etc. Just like ordering someone to do a certain job for you. Yeah! just like that. 🙂

Before you begin coding PHP you need to download a few Freeware softwares from Continue reading “Learn PHP : Lesson 1 – Get it Easy”