6.0-magnitude earthquake hits back

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits Manila

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits Manila

Source : 6.0 Earthquake, volcanic ash burst strike Philippines Sin Chew Jit Poh – 1 hour ago
2010-11-06 17:51
MANILA, Saturday 6 November 2010 (AFP) – A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake and a burst of volcanic ash struck a region south of the Philippine capital on Saturday in quick sucession, but government experts said the events were unrelated. A earthquake hit the Bicol region early Saturday, shaking people from their sleep but causing no serious damage, the government said. The quake, with an epicentre off the coat of Burias island, about 275 kilometres (171 miles) southeast of Manila, occurred at 12:41 am (1641 GMT Friday), the government seismology office said.

100 injured in Iran earthquake

Source :
100 injured in Iran earthquake
(UKPA) – 1 hour ago
About 100 people were injured in a 4.9-magnitude earthquake which stuck western Iran, state television has reported.
The quake struck at 7.22am local time (3.08am GMT) in the town of Dorood, causing damage to residential buildings.
The report said 25 of the injured remained in hospital, while the others were released after treatment.
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5.0 magnitude quake hits NW China’s Xinjiang

Source : 5.0 magnitude quake hits NW China’s Xinjiang3 hours ago

An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale hit northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 10:12 a.m. Beijing Time Saturday, according to the China Earthquake Networks Center. The epicenter was monitored at 36.8 degrees north latitude and 87.5 degrees east longitude with a depth of about 10 kilometers, the center said.

Climate Change : What’s the Truth? Copenhagen? 2012?

Time is slipping faster for us to mend our ways. I just heard news about floods in London and Brazil
and immediately my thoughts got fixed on the video I have uploaded on June 30, 2008. Its been more than a year. The video is titled as Major flood on Earth, but I must clear it here that I did not mean it to be assumed for high tidal wave which was the plot of 2012 who will Survive : we were warned movie.
Watch this video on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSIHtGawJC4

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Pitch your Voice to Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change

I have pitched my voice to Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change. Do you want to pitch your opinion too? then goto http://www.action-pact.org/ and go ahead. Lets make Climate Change summit count.
This is a dynamic video which will include your photo and message. Its fun too. Get video with your photo on it.

Climate Change : Live Signs of Alarm!

Look here, the statistics are available for you to get alarmed. Ask your scientific brain “Is 4 – 5°C (degree Celsius) rise in climatic temperature enough for you to get alarmed?”.

If you do not believe in Spiritual Sixth Sense prophetic visions then look here, the statistics are available for you to get alarmed. For an educated person, who believes in scientifically certified information there are live signs of climate change available. First of all, this year winter did not come to its prime within normal time. Secondly, the atmospheric temperature is persistently being recorded 4 – 5°C (degree Celsius) above normal. Ask your scientific brain “Is 4 – 5°C (degree Celsius) rise in climatic temperature that too in comparison to previous year’s stats, enough for you to get alarmed?”.
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Thanksgiving : Time to Thank GOD

Thanks Giving 2008

Its time to Thank GOD, for all that He provided us to complete this year of our life.
This time thank GOD with more of devotion to secure His blessings that you may be
blessed to Thank Him next season too. May GOD bless us all and may his children start
to see his impression in their lives.

Its mid of December month, of this year 2008. This year, there is marked decrese in chill arround here in Mohali city (near Chandigarh City, Punjab, INDIA) and I am more concerned about the vision, I received in month of July 2007. I have already posted a video onto YouTube and on my webTV site too about that vision. Our planet Earth is experiencing marked increase in atmospheric temprature since last decade. International orgainsations project their superficial concerns on the same.

Some of scientists have guide the world industrial map to cut down co2 emissions, to make
cars more greener. But have they succeeded enough? Have they been on right track?
Will their efforts be fruitfull enough to save the major flood flow on Earth? I fear, the answer seems a big “NO”.

What can I do? What can you do?

Pray to GOD and seek His mercy and get to work!

so what kind of work? Read my words….I am now quite sure about the feasibility of the future vision, which I received about flood. In that vision, I saw TV news reports. In which I saw Continue reading “Thanksgiving : Time to Thank GOD”