TATA NANO car : Nothing wrong Buy with confidence!!

Its all just a bad propaganda against Tata Nano.
TATA NANO car Nothing wrong Buy with confidence!!
If Mr. Tata is genuinely dedicated to provide Nano car (??? over his Rs.3 Lakh priced Indica Vista) to Indian car buyers, there should not be any point to worry. (To provide cheaper products over high priced popular and hot selling products, sometimes becomes unviable business. That is why, I was skeptic before Nano’s launch, but now Nano owners should pressurize Mr. Tata to walk firmly on his promise.)

With recent news about declined sales of Tata NANO car, it seems the car on fire propaganda has imbibed fear among small car buyers. Its not just nano, every car in busy city traffic of Delhi or Mumbai like metro cities is at risk of catching fire. Its just a matter of driving style. It you are applying brakes every few seconds the engine will heat up and there will be more chances of engine catching fire. See the news video posted here below, even Suzuki’s Swift caught fire and I have seen cars of different class and brand catching fire.

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Tip: In India people generally are not that aware about car safety. You will find people traveling without first aid box, Tyre jack & tools, spare wheel and most does not even care for a small fire extinguisher. Small fire extinguisher costs around Rs.250 to 300 and ISI marked genuine FEs are easily available in auto showrooms. A portable fire extinguisher comes handy in event of fire, which can happen due to either short circuit sparking or loosely left cigarette bud etc. One must keep at least a First aid box and a handy Fire Extinguisher.

if above video does not play, then click here to watch this video on YouTube

I must say, those who spent two lakh Rupees on low grade M800 were really idiots. Tata Nano is no ordinary car. Consider the fact while in comparison to contemporary small cars, M800 was way old technology car and not worth Rs.2 Lakh.
As much as I know, Tata nano’s Engine design is from Porsche R&D. Porsche is among world leaders in Automobile industry and they specialise in rear wheel engines. Most design is state of the art and is from Korea’s Daewoo R&D. Surely there are some points to consider when you plan to buy a new small car for your family.
Tata nano is compact City car.
It has efficient fule average it gives around 18-21 KMPL.
Tata nano takes very little parking space and moves easily in jam packed parking areas.
High raised seats give ample view of traffic on road.
Well designed even for tall people.
Driving is easy and pleasure.
Lightweight and Elegant design.
Nano is a car for young urban guys and gals.
Car for working Women with kids.
It lacks boot space for people who like to travel with big luggage.