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Indians running for LA, but headless

At times whenever I, indulge into topics on increasing sexual mentality among people here, I have heard this “that Indians (Punjabis in particular) are more into sexual mind than even pink-fleshy Britons. (watch video here below.)

Indians going to LAAt times whenever I, indulged into topics of this increased sexual mentality among people here, I have heard that, “Indians (Punjabis in particular) are more into sexual mind than even pink-fleshy Britons”. (watch video here below.) The height of matter is that, the sensual conscious is boiling to the brim in urban metro cities. (“youngistan is just an understatement”, Continue reading “Indians running for LA, but headless”

Vision Blurred : Cow urine as soft drink

So, the world has changed! but we have to watch the path we are running on. Are we carrying clear vision or its blurred one? Here is the story I stumbled upon. At first, I thought it as one of the gimmick journalism news item.

Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? India’s Hindu nationalist movement apparently has the answer: a new soft drink made from cow urine.

The bovine brew is in the final stages of development by the Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India’s biggest and oldest Hindu nationalist group, according to the man who makes it. Continue reading “Vision Blurred : Cow urine as soft drink”

March 2009 : India will vote for Hung assembly

India is going for general elections 2009.
The official word has been released by election commission for Indian general elections. I tried to push av media to bring in a general awareness among India that, in these times of global recession we should lend some extension to current assembly, but it did not came into light of acceptance. I know, it required a twist out of constitution of India and every twist in constitution requires an elected assembly, to put life into it. So it was like producing Continue reading “March 2009 : India will vote for Hung assembly”

26th January Republic day of India

Today is 26th January, 2009 and whole of India is celebrating 60th (sixtieth) Republic day. Our national anthem Jan Gann Mann (Hindi : जन गण मन)

Here is a video made by Bharatbala productions (ten years back),I have edited it to a smaller clip version. This clip features Indian national anthem with musical notes and lyrics in Hindi language.
Watch video of Indian national anthem Jan Gan Man (pronounce as : Jann Gann Mann)

7th Dec : India Flag Day of Bravehearts

Today is national Flag day

7th December every year is celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day throughout the country. The day is intended to honour the valiant & martyred, to salute the veterans and to renew solidarity of citizens with our brave service personnel.

The Day is named as Armed Forces Flag Day, because on this day a fund is collected by sale of special flags and stickers. The Armed Forces Flag Day has now become an old and honoured Annual feature of our National life.
Lets pay tribute to our Brave Soldiers, who are securing our life.

Quake log : 23rd May, 2008 Two new quake tremors

Quake Log : Two new pulses in a span of half an hour.

Today at 10:01 am IST (+5.30 GMT) I experienced a very low quake tremor wave and second one at 10:22 am IST (Indian Standard Time). Second one was also too low in bounds to be analyzed for the direction of tremor.

Q. What does my Sixth Sense says?

 A. My Sixth Sense Continue reading “Quake log : 23rd May, 2008 Two new quake tremors”

Quake log 17th May 2008

I felt two very weak pulses of tremor on Sunday 17th may, 2008 at 20:54 (IST) and second one at 20:56 IST (IST is +5:30 GMT). Tremors were weak but I think the direction was North to South-West
There was something unusual with the tremor pulses as you can see there is approximately two minutes gap between bounds. there was less depth (I mean, Continue reading “Quake log 17th May 2008”

Earth is moving

Not once not twice but its becoming regular with me. My Sixth Sense makes me aware just a few days before any major or minor quakes. The most ridiculous thing for others is that, I feel quakes as far as Turkey, Iran on western side and japan on eastern side. Now a days I feel that Earth is moving in East South to West North. But the intensity is too low, this makes me predict that its far away from my location but its coming either big or small. Continue reading “Earth is moving”