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(Spiritualistic view)
A few days back, I attended a lecture cum conference event. The topic of event was “How to manage HR in new business ventures?”. Listening to this lecture, I was in disagreement with this approach. The HR person talked about a hidden tests for evaluating the “flexibility” and dedication.
Like if the job seeker lived in Andheri locality of Mumbai, he would be called to a far place like Chembur for interview session. (Mumbai localities started popping in my mind. Juhu, Kandiwali, Malad, Goregaon, Saien, Kurla, Bandra.. Yeah! I have been to Bombay twice). I totally disagree with the vision being put forward through the lecture. I think View full article »

Irrespective of our social status, wealth, health, race and location, in pure existence WE are one. “I and YOU” are the “BEST OF THIS WORLD” till our lifetime. Like a flower ‘n fruit is best of and is glory of a Plant, we are are Glory of Earth.
This is my Award and Honor
…………..Param Lowe

Good things and Bad

Its all happening here. Today starts the first session of assembly in parliament of Indian Government. Its time when the ministries will draw new policies and implement previously sketched polices. In general, life take a new step forward for a Nation of Faith. Good and Bad things are in the air and we should catch good things and vaporize the bad things.

BAD Present Indian democratic govenment system
GOOD Indian democracy : the ideology is
based on Pandit Nehru’s discovery View full article »

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