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aap_paramlowe_twitter Oh ! This is such a common task in India. “To search a phone number on Google.com”.  Recently, I joined Aam Aadmi Party and posted my cell number (with which I use Whatsapp, other wise I own 4 cell numbers for other services like consultancy etc.) suddenly people started searching my number on Google.com. What google through up is latest classified advertisements posted on Quikr or olx.in

In those listings my mobile number shows up under data entry job listings. I would rather say or invite people to read my blog website at www.paramlowe.com or they can read my political ideology  at www.buyk.org swagat_aap_mein_shamil(which got a setback in Mohali Municipal Elections, which I contested as an independent candidate in February, 2015 and lost to BJP candidate). You can also see my efforts in Shaadiwala.comisHere.in (aspired to be google of India)  YSS “Yog Sadhna Shiksha” (http://yss.ishere.in) an effort to bring up the intellect  level through yoga meditation techniques, among children who are not able to do well in studies and CallKey.in (Global Climate disaster prevention and management solutions) websites.