Earthquake log: long bumps mid of N-W towards mid of S-E

Earthquake log: long bumps mid of N-W towards mid of S-E

APRIL 10, 2010
Seismic activity detected at 13:40 Hrs IST (8:10 Hrs GMT)
time in image is by mistake written as 21:10 GMT the actual time was 13:40 IST +5:30 GMT.
Yeah! calculation becomes difficult while analyzing seismic tremor and writing tweets at the same time.
Duration : 30 to 40 seconds
Nature : long wave bumps (9-10 bumps)
Direction : middle of North-West towards middle of South-East

Seismic activity detected by human Sixth Sense 10th April, 2010

Indonesia, Mexico and Andaman Nicobar should be on Alert for 12-16 hours.

Seismic activity detected mid of North-West towards mid of East-South

At 8:54 Hrs IST (+5:30 GMT) medium wave seismic pulse traveled under my feet. The direction of this seismic pulse was from middle of North-West towards middle of East-South.
Duration : 20 – 30 seconds
intesity : weak
nature : medium wave
Seismic activity detected by Sixth Sense

Tremors : First movents in 2009

Yesterday 5th March afternoon and also today at 15:21 hours IST (India), I witnessed some movement of Earthquake tremors. Yesterday I ignored it, but today I analised its direction at found that tremor has very low intensity. There were five bumps in approx. 10 seconds and it was certainly making a curve from Western affinity of North and moving towards Eastern affinity of South.
quake alerts: Gujrat -> Pakistan – Afghanistan border -> Iran Eastern border
Do not get scared! Not every tremor pulse result in a Earthquake.
See picture below for details of tremor pulse
March 2009 Earthquake predictions by Param Lowe.