Sixth Sense Evidence (Prophecy): New Jersey in news Irene hurricane floods area

Today 29th Aug, 2011 I saw news on TV about New Jersey, USA that hurricane named Irene has flooded New York and New Jersey area and people have been evacuated from these area as many as 1 million people were affected in this area. Now this has come as fulfillment of my prophetic vision (with in 47 days), I have posted in my blog on 12th July, 2011 Who lives in New Jersey? This is one more evidence that Sixth Sense is practical spiritualism with evidence now in front of your eyes.

News video about Irene Hurricane August 2011

Read News about Irene Hurricane August 2011 :
New Jersey prepares for Irene
Hurricane Irene Leaves Flooding, Power Outages in Northeast

West to East SEISMIC activity noticed by SixthSense (24 April, 2011 12:30 GMT)

At 18:00 Hrs IST Sun ( GMT Sun 12:30 Hrs) SEISMIC activity noticed by my SixthSense
direction West (15 degrees South) towards East (15 degrees North)
nature of Seismic wave was Shortwave type and intensity was low.
SEISMIC activity illustration on Globe
Seismic Activity on globe 24th April, 2011 detected by Param Lowe Sixth Sense

SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST North to South 17.04.2011

SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST (GMT/UTC Sun 10:43 Hrs) North (30 degs in West) towards South (30 degs in East) moderate intensity.
Sixth Sense Blog 17.04.2011 SEISMIC Pulse noticed at 16:13 Hrs IST
Seismic activity noticed was of medium wave nature and at 16:29 Hrs IST, I have experienced a short wave Seismic pulse for 5 seconds.

A message for YOU : Social Networking website users

A message for YOU : Social Networking website users

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