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You might have seen my video on viewership ratings, which I have posted more than a year ago. The video is listed on my Youtube channel.

Indian Broadcasting FoundationRecently, I saw a scroll on some news channel about Indian Broadcasting Foundation. I came to know that complaints can be filed against any content/ program or advertisement you feel is inappropriate or is harmful for certain age group or is not suitable for general viewership.

Click here to lodge complaints about inappropriate content on TV channels with ibfindia.com – Indian Broadcasting Foundation

Here is the complaint I have lodged through ibfindia’s online complaint form available at http://ibfindia.com/onlineform.php

Hello there,

* Short summary of what the complainant is aggrieved of, in particular what guideline of the
Programme Guidelines has been breached

Here are some ads that I saw on TV Channels (mainly news channels) that I felt are breaching
General Viewership ratings and other reasons mentioned here below.
1. IDEA 3G Advt. “Why India’s population is so high?”
-> a. Its making mockery of national Family Planning program (Nuss-Bandi)
-> b. The Content is not suitable for minor age viewers and also inducing/setting sexual behaviour/thoughts in adults.
2. ADDICTION deodorant advt. Content not suitable for all audience sp. children.

*The reason for dissatisfaction with the disposal of the complaint at the Channel level (Any correspondence and reply relating to this complaint should be attached to this form.)

I. Content not suitable for all audience sp. children.
II. making mockery of national Family Planning program (Nuss-Bandi)
I hope you people will take prompt action and stop these advertisements from being telecast on ‘G’ Rated time slot and channels.

Param Lowe
web : www.ParamLowe.com
twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/paramlowe