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RockinNewspaper Red

RockinNewspaper Red theme for WordPress and is also AdSense compatible 3 Column Free WordPress Theme

newsapaper adsense red

RockinNewspaper 3 Column for AdSense is a white and red, clean and simple theme designed with a newspaper flair for reading and customization.

Key features:

  • Skybox for easy addition of AdSense Leaderboard
  • Plain Jane for super easy customization and tweaking
  • Widget ready
  • 3 column
  • Left and right sidebars
  • Red and white colors
  • Newspaper / magazine look

Download it here.

Designer’s website: Cory Miller

This is the theme’s support post. Please report all theme-related problems here.

Wp Now Blue

Author: cmba138G
Categories: Internet ,
Properties: 2 columns, blue, right sidebar, adsense ready, no images, widget, fixed width,


free wordpress theme

Author: cmba138G
Properties: 3 columns, blue, right sidebar, no images, widget, fixed


Prosense is a 3 column Adsense Ready, SEO ready,  WordPress theme.


You need to change pub id in following files with your adsene pub id.

All the ad units are found in the following theme files:

Single Post Pages adsense ads:

  • adsense_singlepost_top_square.php – 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
  • adsense_singlepost_top_banner.php – 468 x 60 Banner
  • adsense_singlepost_bottom_square.php – 336 x 280 Rectangle
  • adsense_singlepost_bottom_banner.php – 468 x 60 Banner

Homepage adsense ads:

  • adsense_sidebar.php – 160 x 600 Skyscraper
  • adsense_homepage_linkunit.php – 468×15_4 Link Unit
  • adsense_homepage_banner.php – 468 x 60 Skyscraper

* this theme also comes in color shades of blue, gray, brown and dark blue

Download and Preview

SEO Tips : Ping sites for increasing traffic to your blog site

SEO Tips : Ping sites for your blog

You have been blogging online, but get a few visitors/readers per day?. Surely you want to increase your web traffic. Here is the SEO tip for increasing web traffic to your blog site.

Pinging blog directories is one solution that may not bring surge in web hits but it can surely give your blog site a greater exposure. There are some other tools also to help you generate organic web traffic to your blog. I will post about these in other posts here in this blog. Do check SEO Tips category.(I might have posted it by the time you are reading this post).

Here is the list of ping sites for your blog. If you are using wordpress as blogging back end the you can easily add these to you admin dashboard just follow the steps given here below. Continue reading “SEO Tips : Ping sites for increasing traffic to your blog site”

Mahamantra plugin for WordPress

Mahamantra plugin for Wordpress v 1.0.8 has been released today. This plugin adds Hare Krishna mahamantra on top right corner of your Wordpress dashboard.

Mahamantra plugin for WordPress v 1.0.8 has been released today. This plugin adds Hare Krishna mahamantra on top right corner of your WordPress dashboard. You can download Mahamantra plugin here. Installation instructions are provided in the same file.

Continue reading “Mahamantra plugin for WordPress”