Entertainment as tool of Governance.

Entertainment is a best tool of Governance these days.
Since the invention of electronic mode of entertainment like radio, satellite TV, video games it has tremendous impact on soothing out public outrage against unpleasant policies and inefficiencies of Government systems world over. I am quite sure, if entertainment industry is brought to a halt (lets consider USA and India), there will be more civil unrest against government policies and inflation than its now which is just a breaking news on TV news channels. People are busy watching tv than looking around the world. See now there will be Cricket World Cup in months of February and March of 2011. I know current Indian government is keeping its fingers cross that Indian people get consumed into this b%ll Sh%&t cricket telecasts and it will be, I know it. Sometimes, a thought comes to my mind whether Mahatma Gandhi would have been successful in bringing the self reliance conscious to the minds of Indians, if satellite TV and other entertainment modes would have been made freely available by Britishers? I do burst into a mind giggle on this thought and am sure you will also agree, it would have been a nightmare and Bapu Gandhi would have been sitting in some hospital’s psychology ward for all that mental energy he would have spent on keeping himself dedicated on his pursuit. I think Britishers were late in inventing this (entertainment) tool of government. But don’t loose heart we Indians are still following the world. Don’t just laugh, but consider the illusion of times we are living our lives in. You can spend time watching American pie and sleep into American dream until you see the impact of wasting time on entertainment in decaying social and economical order around your self. On 14th Feb, valentine’s day, the first news on tv shocked me. Seven young men in their early twenties hanged themselves or were murdered and hanged, that too in New Delhi area, center of Indian Government. What is going on? So many murders, so many rapes, so many scams, so many scandals and inefficient governance. Yet there is no sign of any unrest among people. Simply we are busy seeking entertainment. If you are visiting India, you will see Cricket News casts every other minute on TV and newspapers columns running from first page to the last. We Indians are so much “seeker” of pleasure that even if the so called ET aliens came to capture us we won’t realise it until the Cricket World Cup is over.