Earth’s misery : Foolish people, foolish nations

Hindu,prophecy, weapons of mass destruction, WOMD, Nuclear, Bomb,Lord of Universe, Heaven and Earth, Beginning of New Era.

“Foolish people, foolish nations!”. Yes I have shouted from lowest possible state of my mind. Can’t slip down more. Please be sensible and act responsibly. This is what, I can speak out to people, nations and leaders of world countries. Any single test or use of Nuclear arsenal, will be more than enough to doom our planet. This is not in any way a careless statement. If world countries did not realize the grave impact of nuclear bombs or weapons of mass destruction (WOMD) and did not take steps to de-nuke irresponsible nations, they will suffer for their negligence. Time is running out to rapidly, act now.

Is there any organization that acts as a global controller of nuke arsenal? (May be am not aware. f such organization exists?.) Do you believe in your religious books? Ask me! You have faith in religious prophecies. There is one prophecy in Hindu religion which reveals, “When Lion and Dear will drink side by side. This will be indication that, Lord is coming sooner.” A couple of weeks ago, I watched a program on Animal Planet. It featured a lioness and a dear calf, walking alongside each other. The lioness was licking calf, as if it was her own cub. The lioness did not eat any meat for two weeks. Lioness did not eat meat, even when the camera crew offered a dead animal to rescue it from starvation. There are many such prophecies in Hindu scriptures. One more is described as a time for Lord of Universe to descend from Heaven to Earth, is when wives will start to act as prostitutes, will indulge in unethical sexual acts. When humans will kill each other and eat dead man’s flesh. When parents will choose to kill their children. When institution of marriage will no longer contain its pious status…(ALL THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN THIS WORLD.) The Lord of Universe will descend to re-arrange, re-establish social institutions on Earth.

This time, God Himself will turn your mad weapons into mud. According to Hindu scriptures, in the time to come, all nuclear material irrespective of its assumed usage (whether for peace or for war) will turn into dust, even without human intervention. People of world haven’t shown enough intelligence to qualify for such high arsenal. Yes we humans will pay for it. There will be downfall of industrial civilizations, food will be more scarce, reproduction will be less, most of men will be impotent, most women will be sterile.

Hindu,prophecy, weapons of mass destruction, WOMD, Nuclear, Bomb,Lord of Universe, Heaven and Earth, Beginning of New Era.

Author: Param Lowe

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