Hindu Caste system : The Answers are with you

Hindu Caste system : The Answers are with you
“The social order of essentially divine people.”

Somebody on orkut asked a question.

should we respect the talent or cast/religion of person?

In modern times it has become very hard to understand the caste system in Hindu society. At present there is only bad picture of caste system being projected in society. Think like this… When you travel in train, there are different classes of comfort for passengers based on the money graph.. Isn’t it? So one guy purchases second class ticket but want to board First class compartment. This guy does not like second class comfort and longs for First class comfort. Where he will land? in jail.. and this is just a worldly example. In caste system you will not be provided with hidden manifestation here, but you can compare the examples. Yes! Talent has more value. I am talking about conditioning of mind, the conscious and not work skills. There is certainly an open door of gaining higher state like Sant kabir and Sant Ravidas ji and also Maharishi Balmik. But the thing is, when someone attains that high level, he/she do not seek the ship of worldly castes. He/She attains nirvana like Buddha attained in Gayaa and boards on the divine ship. Now, ask yourself, “Every body says, Buddha attained nirvana, but nobody tries to know what nirvana he attained?”.

At present, though the caste system is not that strong in India and there is more of name labels rather than actual levels of mind. This though, can not be termed as pseudo caste system. Its just that they are not bringing out their characteristics. If a Brahman does not want to explore mind vibes and has interest in physical/bodily activities, then he is not at Brahman, he batter be a kshatriya (with diminished scope of Brahmanism), but there is scope open for him in clans and surrounding culture; the support level. If a kashatriya puts his time into mind activities only, he surely will grow weak and look like typical slender. He will start to seek alms to sustain life energy or in other prospective will need support level to continue his studies. Yeah! its very complex and you have to put your mind on maximum process in order to understand such para-human (God created, to sustain order) intelligence. If you can’t understand than seek Ghandhi’s nirvana “Hari Jan” means “God’s people”. I am seeking this title to be named as “Hari Jan”. At Present in urban prospective there also exists hierarchical structure, e.g. you can view the composition of business corporations. There is definite grading of humans based on skills and level of intelligence. But it has “open limit” of scope, you term as designation and promotions. Its working under realm of money “salary”, whereas caste system is hierarchical system based on spiritual grading. The main aim of caste system was to develop higher levels of conscious for progress of Human race. Like there existed an era of labour revolt in past suppression of human rights, the same is the situation with Hindu caste system.

If you do not know? :
There is different types of drug reaction in people suffering from skin disorders in different parts of world based on their nationality/race.

Similarly, there are classification of jobs based on one particular family clan/neighbourhood/workmanship. Would you like to see a soldier like khayaliram (the comic)? You will not.

JaiShriHariVishnuyashiasvaha !!
Glory of God of Million Universes

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