How to secure your Wifi internet connection?

Q. How to secure your Wifi internet connection?

Ans. Today, I am going to tell you how to secure your wifi internet connection.
First of all you should know that the main point to secure is your wifi router it self. Get a long look at it and get your self familiar with its brand. Normally the branding is on the face of wifi router like Linksys, Beetal or Netgear. Now try searching its model number on google.
Step 1. Now switch ON the wifi router if its not all ready has led lights blinking.
Step 2. right click on network connection icon on taskbar and select properties.
Step 3. Click on details tab and look for Network Default Gateway ip.
On windows system most commonly it is
Step 4. Open IE or any other internet browser you use to surf web space.
Step 5. type in Address bar and pess enter.
Step 6. A new window will open asking for user name and password. Type in admin and password in it and click OK. A page will open with your wifi router’s logo on it. This is your wifi router’s configuration page.
Step 7. Click on Wireless link. A new page will open on right side.
Step 8. You will see some boxes checked like Enable wireless. Click on Hide Access points if its not checked already. This will increase security of your wifi network by 60%.
step 9. Click on Save & Reboot button given on that page (Wireless settings page).
and wait for the page to reload.
Step 10. Close your browser window and wait for 1 minute. Switch off the router and switch it back to ON after 10 seconds.

These are basic security measurs and to increase your Wifi network security even further, you can try changing the router access logins which are by default admin and password. To change router page login password the link is under menu DSL > Settings.

NOTE. Always backup your wifi router’s configuration settings before making any changes.

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