India: require new legislative leafs to control use of Innovative Technology

Electronic Cigarette
Yeah! that’s the weirdest title, I have ever written for a blog post. But its “the call of times” and in my avatara to generate socio-political sparks, I find it suitable to bring this thought to the minds and conscious of legislators. “Legislation to counter Innovative Technology”. I must clarify here, that am not against innovations or the phenomenon of Innovative technology, but I am of opinion that we should not just take it for granted that all the technology that comes under our purchasing power is gonna benefit our social structure and should be bought, imported or is licensed to do business. I just saw some videos about electronic cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarette
At first, I thought what a novel idea to help smokers quit smoking, but after watching a few videos more I realised that this gadget if became popular here in India, will bring drug abuse to a menacing level. Drug abuse and addiction has already became a major threat to social security in most parts of India. I think electronic cigarettes will become fashion in India in near future and even non smokers will be inclined to try the “Safer & Healthy” labeled puffing gadget. That is why, I am initiating this this spark towards those who ink the book of legislative norms for our nation. There should now arise a need to formulate laws to govern electronic modes of intoxication.

Author: Param Lowe

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