Is dooms day a certain future?? (Part II)

The sculpture was a big lotus painted but carried an old look. It was painted in pink, mustered yellow, sky blue and green and it looked like carved out of granite stone. On top of this big pinkgreen lotus, there were 7-8 small objects that resembled a “rugby footbol” which is made to cut open from center… 8:39 PM 11/15/2008.
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6:52 pm IST 11/17/2008
There was a smaller lotus in center of the big lotus . The smaller lotus was carved on round peg or stump like shape. On top of this smaller lotus there rest a statue of Guru Nanak blessing with his right hand. (See image here below).
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.. I moved towards right side of this big lotus sculpture as two bright colored shapes gathered my attention. I started inquiring about the objects. I heard a man saying that these are time capsules of this world. Then I inquired about the objects (4-5 in number) on the left portion. “Why those shapes are not open like these two, on right side near me here?”. The answer came,”those are time capsules of past time.”. Then, I pointed towards an open capsule, which was filled with two colored gems. One portions was having glittery jewels of white color and other one having dark red color. These were like shining pearl like stones. I asked, “What does this time capsule symbolize?”. The answer came,”This time capsule represents a time on future plane, where in, precious stones will start to emerge on surface of Earth, and people will find such precious stones like rubles and diamonds etc. while taking a casual walk on raw ground. This time capsule is last-but-one before doom of this planet.” The other capsule was a picture of doom, when I heard its description. Now should I say, I have answers and this world need to listen or we need some more time? Are we humble enough to here and accept a single point of view? or We as collective human race of this world, will debate untill doom……?

Just pray to GOD and ask sincerely. You will get answers to your questions…..
Our religion, our race, our cult, our language, our country, our skin color, our wealth only exist in a life and life exist in a live planet….THINK.. May God Bless us all!!!

Jai Shri Hari Vishnu = I sung the glory of personification of life breath of Universe

Author: Param Lowe

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