Is dooms day a certain future??

Part 1

Personally, I don’t believe in a predicted day for dooms day, but I always had concerns about our planet and sings of degeneration all over. The high sensetivity towards surroundings is part of my persona. To talk about Sixth Sense, I don’t give myself credit of having a Sixth Sense, instead I take it as blessings of Supreme GOD. In past (5-6 years, before I started blogging about my experiences), whenever I predicted (use to tell parents about seismic tremors passing underneath my feet, while watching tv etc.) an earthquake and its was verified by news channels, I thought, how weaker Earth has been turned into by human lust of restructuring surroundings that, I am feeling quake tremors of distant continents?

I have always carried a sense of discomfort with urban outlook of modern civilization. It is not that I jumped onto the boat after reading an article about flood alert in area. I have carried this sense about degradation of nature’s glory, all though my life. Earlier, whenever I received divine visions, I shared those with everyone around and their response made me settled down with a low profile. At times (a decade ago) I even doubted my mental health. I thought am just entering into paranoiac psychological disorder and hallucinations will be a regular feature, but then these things start to materialize for others. After that, people around me started to take me seriously. Internet (at least news media) also became a witness of this phenomena.

A week ago, I thought my spiritual vocations has ended. That is how foolishly. We act and assume that God is not giving us His blessings. Its like you are never dry while swimming in ocean. On 13th November, 2008 which is marked as a holy day in memory of Saint Guru Nanak, I was blessed with a spiritual vision. At 6:10 am, I was in bed and beginning to end my sleep, but as soon as I heard Shabad Kirtan from nearby Gurudwara, I started paying attention on words of kirtan (musical prayer). I don’t know when, I slipped back into dreamy sleep and a spiritual vision came to me. In that vision, a sculpture descended from just 20-30 feet above my head, in front (officially its backside of house, which opens on main road) of my house. It came to rest just before me. It was about 3-4 feet wide and about 3 feet in height. The sculpture was having a shape of big lotus, painted, but carried an old look. It was painted in pink, mustered yellow, sky blue and green colors. This lotus sculpture looked like carved out of granite stone. On top of this big pinkish green lotus, there were 7-8 small objects, which resembled a rugby football. Among these objects, two were made to cut open from center… 8:39 PM 11/15/2008
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Author: Param Lowe

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