Supremacy of personal God, faith and religion

In one community of people from different faith reached a conflict. Hindus said Krishna is the ultimate supreme Lord and Christians said Jesus is the real God and savior.

One has to reach Shri Krishna’s conscious and Jesus Christ’s conscious first, then you will get your answers.

Since time immortal, in India, a superior social order as divine society a.k.a Sanatan Dharma (eternal social order) was established by super souls; the elite group of brainy humans who were more content with life and existence of super controlling power. The distorted form and traces of divine social establishment is still present in Hindu society.

An orkuteer said your God Krishna incarnation appeared in a particular region in a particular time only and gave the correct message to the people of that particular region only. After that, several generations passed before that particular message reaches the other regions of the world. All these generations missed that message and went to hell after death. If your message reached all the regions of the world in the beginning itself, at least some of the passed generations might have benefited. If your God alone created this entire earth and all this humanity is His issue, there should be no partiality in giving the message to one region only and allow other regions to be deprived of such fortune. This concludes that your God is partial to one region without reason.

It is foolish to say that the rose that bloomed in far distance, is not worth as its perfume is not reaching your nostrils. For enjoying the pleasure of sweet smell you have to reach the place where it blossom. You cannot ignore the fact that Lord Krishna is a product of a divine social order. We did not crucified him when he said, “I love you all”. Surely there where dark minded egoists like Kansa and Kaurvas, who challenged his divine supremacy and prefered to establish their lust as guiding force. They were delt with for the sake of social justice. Now consider the social order of Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s appearance, where people crucified Christ just for making them believe in transcendental power of supreme divine, He called upon as Father.

Some people in west think Indian Hindu religion as closed social order based on myths, specially about sexual tendency and freedom of will. Its not the real truth. Open societies in Europe and America enjoy freedom of will on sexual desires. In Hindu society we also has freedom of desire but the divine intelligentsia of Sanatan Society researched and found the importance of social order for intellectual and genetic progress of humans and nation as a collective entity. That is how Lord Krishna in His bodily form projected more divinity of super soul; we chant as ShriHariVishnu.

Jesus Christ displayed His divinity by not calling himself a real entity of super soul but as son of super soul, even though He had the power to project Himself as incarnated entity. Jesus tried to establish faith in Human incarnated manifestation of supreme soul in times when Jews were in power and they believed in formless manifestation of divinity. Even Jews are right in their faith but for establishing a social order faith in incarnated Human entity is required, which acts as beneficial for progress at individual level…………more in nest post >>

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