tech jobs sell in MNCs!

tech jobs sell in MNCs!

Recently, I met a guy, who was holding B.Tech degree (Bechlore’s in echnology) and was applying for Customer Care job in local BPO company. I asked him why he was going for the BPO job, they offer no more than $150 a month and the job requires at least 9 hours of sitting work, 6 days a week. I asked him why didn’t he applied for Engineer’s post in some good company?

Most companies offer around 8000-10,000 per annum of salary package to Engineering graduate. He replied with sad looks on his face. He said, that he had been to a couple of interviews and jobs are being sold for 50% of the salary package associated with the post. He said one HR asked him to pay 1.5 lakh for job offer. He said he comes from poor family and couldn’t arrange money, but his friend was able to pay for that offer. His friend is now working at Rs.3 lakh ( $8000+ approx.) annual salary. I told him , its for the first time, I have heard such thing and its hard to believe that such is the picture of corruption among corporate world. My skepticism was cleared by a recent news on TV, about the HRs selling jobs in companies. People here in India can be heard saying, “From academic degrees to jobs, from office peon to state minister, everything sells in India. You just need money to buy them.” This is the state of corruption in India. One guy satirically said that’s why US or Australian colleges don’t value our degrees. One has to clear different test to prove your eligibility for entrance to education or getting jobs there.

Author: Param Lowe

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