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I just act like this! Why am so bothered about environmental issues? May be, because I am a Brahmin – “The one who preservers and creates”. Now I can’t just get rid of this attitude. I am bound with, or you can say embedded with this karma.

We just got Akalies Party (SAD) in command 0f Punjab legislature assembly. There is no difference whether Congress or SAD comes to power in Punjab, these two are equally bad. One blames the other for financial scams and corruptions.

How these two justify themselves to the people of Punjab?
They publish in news media the charts showing details about how much and at what pace they have urbanized the state of Punjab. Like how many shopping malls have been raised or what projects they have been allocated to private firms. But the thing is, they are destroying the ecology and environmental health of state of Punjab. The urbanization has raised the demand of electric power to a huge proportion that Punjab Government has decided to setup a Nuclear Power Plant nuclear Power Plant to meet the electrical power demand and consumption.

This is not a wise idea to go for a nuclear option, for generating electric power in an Earth Quake prone area and in vicinity of unfriendly neighbors, like Pakistan and China. Other options like wind mills and solar power should be considered first. Government have not taken action to popularize and make alternative power generation systems affordable to common man. The nuclear power plant will be a soft target at times of conflicts. There will be another difficult issue of nuclear waste and radioactive pollution to be dealt with. In India, Punjab is one of the major producers of wheat and food grains, which constitute a major part of diet of common man in India.

We have seen the worse already. The blind use of pesticides and fertilisers have poisoned our food chain. There have been a mark able decrease in number of flora and fona in state of Punjab. Now days I don’t hear the chirping of sparrows much. Even vultures are endangered birds in Punjab, but who cares about it. Everybody is just too busy in stuffing their bank lockers with “maya”.

In our Upanishads it is mentioned that its not importantMaharishi Mahesh Yogi how much expensive and comfortable your chariot is, but its important to have a wise charioteer. This is why, I consider the Indian democratic system as worst model of Governance. Ancient Indian monarchical system was much better. The Hindu kings have established the finest ever examples of Governance. From the great lord king Rama to Vikramaditya and from Ashoka to King Poras and Chandragupta have been exemplary models of monarchical rulers. One of great saints Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji also preach this school of thought.

There is a funny story which elaborates this point. Once an aircraft was taxing to take off. As usual captain welcomes the passengers from cockpit. The captain starts like this “This is your captain speaking and I wish you a happy journey. Some of you might be nervous as this might be your first ever flight, but don’t worry its my first flight too. I am a trainee pilot and have been assigned this flight as our regular pilot had suffered a heart attack, but you should not worry about that. I am expert in taking of and flying this aircraft the only problem is that, I am not good at landing yet, but don’t you worry, I am going to land it anyway. I wish you all a Happy and peaceful flight. I hope you will enjoy the flight.”

This why wise men have warned us to be aware of the persons, whom we are choosing to lead us.

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