Video: God’s Messages for this World 2008

The messages, I perceive through divine communication when there is only one way communication. In those moments, when I don’t ask for personal queries, I hear God’s messages and see visuals related to the messages. Along with these messages comes an urge to share these, but I keep these with me for a while, until, the messages become tangible for me to re broadcast to the world. These messages are for everybody, for every man, for every woman, for every child, whether they belong to any country, any religion, any faith, whether they are religious preachers, teachers, Politicians, Scientists, researchers, Doctors, engineers, workers, for you, for me and everybody on this planet.
Why would God send messages, when He is every where and He Himself controls everything?
The Supreme God said, “I like to see my own image in happiness!”.

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Author: Param Lowe

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