Wise Man And Mad Man

There were three men sitting in open. Two wise men and one moorkha (the mad man). One of the wise men said, “look! how beautiful the day is”. The second man agreed and shared the joy. But the moorkha got furious. He thought these people have made a lobby against him and he should oppose their views with his full strength.
Wise Man And Mad Man
He stands abruptly and starts calling sunny day a “dark night”. Both the wise men thought, they should realise truth to moorkha and let him share the joy of sunny day; the beautiful nature.

Wise men plead every reason to make moorkha realise that its not a dark night, instead its a sunny day. But mookha opposed and ridiculed the wise men. In the last when moorkha lost his ground, the wise men thought now he will surrender and realise the truth.. In a hope of a wiser behaviour the wise men asked the moorkha, “look here is bright light all over, this is the reason we call it a day and not a dark night. Hey ! moorkha can’t you see the light of day”. The moorkha ran away and puts a heavy blanket to cover himself and started shouting “there is no light here and I am right, its a dark night you cannot make me fool.”

Both the wise men looked at each other and burst into laughter and left the moorkha there and moved on to enjoy the joy of bright day.

Ha… Ha… Ha… 🙂 😮

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