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Punjab School Class 8th 2009 results out and people find it hard to get class VIII results on internet.
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There is no page on Punjab School Education Board’s website
where you can get 2009 results for class 8th. I searched and found couple of fake websites, with names like scribd, India results.blog. Only one site has form on its page click here is the link where you can find results of PSEB class 8th 2009
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5 days later, Earthquake in Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, central Afghanistan

On 2nd October,2008 I issued an alert of an impending Earthquake on western side of Earth (w.r.t India as center) and five days later here is a news about big Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 which jolted Central Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tibet.

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7th October 2008 Earthquake in Tibet, Afghanistan and Kyrgzstan

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Long wave with short bumps West to East

Quake alert for California, Miami, NY, Maxico, Krachi, Kuchch Gujrat

4pm IST October 2nd, 2008 Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth anniversary

A quake is knocking on western part (with relation to India as center; my place) of Earth. Today at 3:32 pm (15:32 IST +5:30 GMT) I noticed a long wave of tremor going towards East. It lasted for 40 seconds and there were bumps in between, which is indicative of its stretched wave profile, which again indicates that Maxico, California could be the put on alert for an impending quake. Though it was first wave I have witnessed and I normally do not log tremor waves felt for first time with no reoccurred within 12 to 24 hours, but this wave had a long wave nature and it takes more time for long waves to travel long distances. May be next time it will be bringing a quake along with, so be alert California and Maxico and Miami Florida. Kuch Gujrat, Krachi can also be put on alert for any quake tremor felt or reported in that area.

Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia

UPDATE at 16:15 IST
I am uploading the evidence video (see at bottom) to YouTube and as it would take at least 45 minutes to upload 20 mb video (64kbps-Airtel, will change ISP or upgrade speed), I took a break and was watching news on IBN7. Breaking News flashed on scroll bar, a 6.5 on Richter scale Earthquake in Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands were also included on high alert list, when I released the 48 hour long Earthquake Alert on 7th August, 2008. There was no report of any loss of life, as this post is being published here.

Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia
Nature confirmed my Sixth Sense even this time!
This time the time frame of 48 hours was quite accurate.I have predicted Sichuan Quake and had given an ALERT on 7th August at 9pm IST (Read Continue reading “Confirmed! Quake news from Sichuan and Indonesia”