Quake log : Seismic Pulse noticed South towards North (going JAPAN)

Seismic pulse notice on 8th April, 2011 at 04:55 GMT

here is summery of my tweets on 8th April 2011 at round 9:23 AM IST

09:23 Hrs IST Seismic activity very low intensity South (20 degrees in West) towards North (20 degrees in East) going northern JAPAN-eastern Russia

GMT/UTC Fri 03:59 Still feeling SEISMIC Pulse at 09:29 Hrs IST. South to North going Japan

ALERT JAPAN EARTHQUAKE SEISMIC pulse intensity got little stronger at GMT/UTC Fri 04:06 Hrs (IST 09:37 AM) South to North

SIESMIC Pulse disappeared at 09:40 IST (GMT 04:10) nothing being felt now

Earthquake log : Seismic pulse noticed n-W to s-E at 16:12 hrs

Today 15th April, 2010
At 16:12 Hrs IST (10:48 hrs GMT)
Seismic activity was noticed by my Sixth Sense.
details of seismic pulse :
direction : more of West (n-W) going towards more of East (s-E)
duration: about 30 sec
number of peaks (i.e bumps) : 20 to 30 bumps
(margin: approx first 10 used up to detect direction)
nature : moderately intensity medium wave pulse

Previous seismic activity of this nature resulted in Haiti Earthquake.

There is marked change in polarization of direction earlier it was mid of north-west towards mid of South-East which we saw resulted in CA, Mexico and lately China Earthquake. But now direction has again shifted back to horizontal plane if we analyze with respect to “Globe”. see picture posted previously

ALERT : Again Haiti, Chili, Melbourne (AUS) and Taiwan should be on Alert for any Earthquake within 12 to 30 hours.

Quake log: Rapid bumpy tremor western South to eastern North

Quake log Thursday 29th October 4:43 pm (IST +5:30 GMT)
Earthquake prediction Sixth Sense BlogI felt bumpy tremors going from western affinity of South to eastern affinity of North. I lasted for 40 to 50 seconds. An earthquake might be knocking in Andeman, Myanmar, West Bengal and Sichuan column of Earth glob

September quake log : a rapid tremor pulse South to North

September_6th_2008_quake_log : At around 11:21 am IST a rapid tremor pulse South to North was witnessed by me. This pulse was rapidest of all the tremors I have experienced till now and this time the duration was of 10 to 15 sec. Thought I am not 100% sure about its direction but still I was able to grasp its swing direction. It was South to North (70% sure) or it was having North to South (10% chances).

Rapid tremor pulses are very mysterious Continue reading “September quake log : a rapid tremor pulse South to North”