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Real evidence of Sixth Sense the “Third Eye”

“The Third Eye of Param Pujaya Param Lowe ji Maharaj”
परम पुज्य परम लौ जी महाराज का तीसरा नेत्र (सबूत सहित )

1. Evidence No.1  of Third Eye of Param Lowe ji Maharaj.

Click on image to see big size Evidence of Third Eye

2 . Evidence No.2  of Third Eye of Param Lowe ji Maharaj.

2nd evidence of awakened Kundalini
Evidence of 3rd eye of Param Lowe

3 . Latest evidence of Earthquake prediction by Param Lowe ji Maharaj

Earthquake Prediction July 2016
Earthquake Prediction July 2016

On 26th October, 2015 Mr. Param Lowe predicted an Earthquake 5 hours before actually a 7.5 magnitude Earthquake occurs in Hindukush Hill of Afghanistan. The image is posted as an evidence of Sixth Sense of Param Lowe. In above image, which is a screenshot of Param Lowe’s twitter account (@param_lowe) shows that at 11:45 IST (Indian Standard Time) Mr. Param Lowe posted on his twitter profile marking his tweet to @USGS (USA agency that tracks and keep record of Earthquakes on our Planet Earth) and to @PMOIndia (Official twitter account of Prime Minister of India) and sends a 24 hour #Alert that an earthquake of high strength can strike in western part of India and in neighbouring country of Pakistan. And he mentions that his Sixth Sense has noticed a high intensity tremor travelling under his feet at 11:45 am, further incredibly Mr. Param Lowe  also mentions direction of Earthquake as from Indian state Gujurat towards New Zealand. Just after five hours from his tweet a major earthquake of magnitude 7.5 occurred in Hindukush hill of Afganistan.

You might have heard claims from people about “Third Eye” and “Kundalini Shakti ”  but ask yourself has anyone given you any evidence like this?

In This Garden of Love – Original love song by Param Lowe

In This Garden of Love

A love song by Param Lowe

In This Garden of Love

In this Garden of Love,
Am standing alone,
Waiting for you to come along,

O dear, come soon and hold me,
Lets make some Love together,
And make this world a happy place,
Hold me close to your heart,
And give me some warmth of Love,

O dear, am waiting for so long,
Come now, I need you here along,
I miss your lovely face,
I wanna see love in your eyes,
I wanna hug you O dear my Love,
I wanna kiss your tender lips,

In this Garden of Love,
Am standing alone,
Waiting for you to come along,
And give me some warmth of Love…


Licensed CC BY Param Lowe 2015 CreativeCommons

This work can be used by anyone while keeping the credit in the name of original author/writer/poet.

Lord Shiva as Bollywood hunk actor

Hey girl! Get your facts clear.

Bollywood hunk as Lord Shiva
Bollywood hunk as Lord Shiva

In Advait philosophy, it is not a desirable thing to draw portraits of Gods and Goddesses for worshiping them. There is a rational explanation to it. A good looking beautiful portrait is an artist’s efforts to represent an attractive work of art and nothing more. God is worshiped as all attractive one and no man of faith can deny this but the thing is external beauty is just an illusion. The real essence of beauty is felt by a tender heart. One can get attracted towards a fair skinned, sharp featured, rosy face. But if filthy or abusive talk is what you receive form that mouth, I am sure you will agree with me that you would not like to see that face again. So, what is beauty then? As the famous quote reveals “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, is kind of misleading phrase. I would like to present it like this, that “Beauty is realized by a beautiful mind, with a tender heart”.

These days you would see some really magnificent portraits of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on social media. People from all over the world are cherishing such beautiful images. There is no doubt, some great artists have represented these with great devotion and fine work of hand. But type casting Gods or we may say Divinely beings in a particular attire or dress up, basically put seeker on a deluded path. You may find this as coinciding with Islamic view of non idol worship. Yes, in a way it is so, but at the same time Advait philosophy advocates non-violence and tolerance towards other faiths and ways of worship and life styles.  Because of tolerant culture, idol worship and many faiths has existed in Hindu (* Hindu title is a misnomer, it just represents geographic location of people who worshiped god and taught the world about Godly way of life in olden times. In reality we “Hindus” call ourselves as eternal people “Sanatanies” and our land is called Bharat “A place to be divine and reach God-head”).


Recently, I came across an image of Lord Shiva, where in a Bollywood handsome dude is represented in the form of Lord Shiva holding the Trident up in air. At first that image made me giggle, as I was amazed at the mindset of that girl, who posted it. What she is pursuing? Is she a fan of Bollywood hunk or she is a devotee of Lord Shiva? These two words devotee and fan, might sound different, but the effect is same on mind vibes of the person. And when this phenomena crosses the bounds of mental Health, then the person is diagnosed as suffering with a religious mania or fan mania. None of these is good for Spiritual and physical harmonious growth of a man. People try to find business in every way of life and so is the way of Spiritual conquest. You will find people selling holy charms, pendants of deities, images of Gods and Goddesses and some even sell yantras for all kinds of life problems. Yantras for making money, Yantras for good sex life, Yantras to control somebody etc. etc. This is not limited to Hindu religion. You will find this malady in every religion. There may be some bush man who would give you dried blood of a rooster or some monk offering some kind of beads for physical well being etc. This business keeps on going unhindered and there is no law that can prevent a man to seek solace from hardship of this material world. Just like as a crying child can be brought at peace with fancy toys so is the childish mind of so called mature persons.


People say religion is just a way of life and the modern times have even discarded the need of one to live in a civilized manner keeping the horses of human will free but bound by the rope of social laws. I was talking about that girl, who posted an image of Bollywood actor as Lord Shiva posing with his sculpted shaped six pack body, on social media. I think she hasn’t heard the story about marriage of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. It is a famous folk lore in rural India. People sing the about how Goddess Gauri saw Lord Shankra sitting in a deep meditation and fell in love with him. When her parents came to know about her choice of Lord Shankra as her groom then they describe his physical attributes as a horrible looking personality. Goddess Parvati’s father Daksha was King of a Himalayan state and aspired her to marry some handsome Prince or a kingdom. The King Daksha then ask her, how could she like an esoteric, renunciate, homeless wonderer, whose personality is horrifying, who lives out of city bounds, looks much older, has white hair on his head and beard, one who smears his body in ash of a pyre, one who lives half naked. Even in present times, in rural villages of northern part of India, ladies still sing about Lord Shiva’s marriage and say that “An old man has brought the marriage procession to marry a young princess”. We came to know this description of Lord Shankra from Sati’s father and one might wonder about the divine inclination of Goddess Gauri towards Lord Shankra, to accept him as her groom. These girls of glam fam times, who are fan of sculpted bodies of Hollywood – Bollywood actors would pass out screaming, at the mere sight of horrible looking Lord Shiva and not to forget the poisonous cobra curled up on his neck. I just laugh at such delusional glam fan girls, who tend to show themselves as spiritually inclined and talking about Kunadlini yoga etc.  Their Lord Shiva has to be a handsome hunk. What can I say? Worldly people are under the spell of maya and they are acting their play accordingly and it’s a usual story.

Country Music, Country Song by Param Lowe

Country Music, Country Song

A song by Param Lowe

Country music, country song
Country song by Param Lowe

Sing about Life, Sing about soul,
Sing about roads, Sing about the village old,
Sing about God, Sing about the gifts you got,
Sing about Love, Sing about the girl you got,
Sing about joy, Sing about the country fair a lot,
That’s all Country Songs about..
Country singers sing for Love
Country singers sing songs of Love
Country music is about love and soul
That’s all Country music about..
so pick your guitar and sing along a country song.

This is original song lyrics written by Param Lowe and is licensed as Creative Commons CC BY (read more at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode)

Resigning from Aam Aadmi Party – AAP emails

I am resigning from Aam Aadmi Party
I am resigning from Aam Aadmi Party

In February 2015, I fought Local Government elections as an independent candidate for Mohali city. I wanted to prove the ideology, which I propagate through Bharat Udey Yug Kranti website (BUYK – Reformist Socio-Political Revolution in India). The basic ideology of BUYK movement advocates to discard party system for electing legislatures to Parliament and other governing bodies, while retaining the existing democratic framework of India. BUYK ideology advocates that a social activist should fight elections as an independent candidate and should be chosen on his merits and educational background.

I fought Mohali Municipal Corporation elections, self financed and self-managed, but I lost election to BJP candidate. I did not win Municipal Elections but learned some valuable lessons and came to know about the psychology of voters in India. It was shocking experience for me, as voters started demanding liquor from me for casting their votes in my favour. Some voters asked for supporting the structural violations, which they have done against the guidelines of civic architectural bylaws. Where as some discouraged me by saying that politics is not for honest and law abiding people, its gunda people who rule the roost.

Since. I was emotionally attached with Jan Lokpal andolan and was already actively supporting online campaigns in their support on 1st March, 2015 I joined Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) “Common Man’s Political Party in India”. In the mean while some internal conflict of AAP came to surface and party looked split apart in to two factions. On one side were close friends of Mr. Arvind Krjriwal (founder member of AAP, the nominated leader of AAP, one of the popular faces of Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal andolan) and on the other side people like Mr. Yogendra Yadav (founder member of AAP, an intellectual person, political thinker and analyst) and Mr. Prashant Bhushan (founder member of AAP, an intellectual person, big lawman, political activist, spokes person of Supreme court on TV). Even before Delhi Vidhan sabha elections, I was raising my voice against Mr. Kejriwal being made a celebrated leader at par with the leading faces of other political parties like Mr. Narendra Modi for BJP and Siniora Sonia Gandhi and mio amico Sinior Rahul Gandhi for Congress Party. After reviewing social media posts and watching so called sting videos on TV news channels, I realised that AAP and its “governing men” have divulged from Lokpal ideology, so I decided to resign from AAP membership on 30th March, 2015 and decided to go back to my political reformist agenda being propagated through BUYK website.

Here under is the excerpts from emails I wrote to Aam Aadmin Party and replies.

Read on my Hindi Blog the open letter to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. मैं आम आदमी पार्टी छोड़ रहा हूँ। खुला पत्र अरविन्द केजरीवाल के नाम

then I received this reply


On 03-Apr-2015 1:10 pm, “Aam Aadmi Party” <contact@aamaadmiparty.org> wrote:

Dear Sir

We understand your concern

Both Mr. Yogendra Yadav and Mr. Prashant Bhushan have been expelled from all the important decision making bodies of the AAP. Inspite of our best efforts, we have gone past the point of no return.

It was not just one or two isolated incidents that compelled Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to take this decision. A sustained campaign was being run to discredit Mr. Kejriwal and remove him from the post of party convener. In these circumstances, Mr. Kejriwal was left with no alternate choice and his decision had the backing of the overwhelming support of the majority of the NC members present in the meeting. The link below will give you a fair idea of the feelings of Mr. Kejriwal, before he took his final decision on the matter.

Despite of these tensions, Delhi government is working hard to fulfill all the promises

We hope you understand the situation.

Still if you want to resign let us know we will do the needful


Shashi Kant Singhal

Team AAP

Connect with us on Social Network:
AAP National Page – www.facebook.com/AamAadmiParty
AAP website – http://aamaadmiparty.org/
AAP twitter – https://twitter.com/@aamaadmiparty
Party Help Line number: 09718500606 (9 A.M. to 9 P.M. – 7 days a week)




Dear Mr. Shashi Kant Singhal Ji,

I understand your point and I have no doubt about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ji’s honest working towards benefiting  people of Delhi. Neither I hate him.
The thing is, your point of view is of a Loyal member of an organisation/Party, whereas my point of view is of a Patriot. My love for Motherland is beyond any party or personality. I am one of those people who were emotionally attached with Jan-Lokpal andolan. And this is not just a name tag. The dream of a rising nation always resides in my heart. Even when I was younger the term “Ram-Rajiya” coined by BJP, raised same hopes as is done by Jan Lokpal. We all want to build a nation of our dreams. Our dreams consists of Social and Economic just full society.

Economic corruption is just a single fault of many maladies of modern Government system. The dream to fulfill the objectives of Jan Lokpal can’t be realized by following the prevalent political culture of Authoritarian style of leadership, like we see in major Political parties of India. Our beloved Arvind Kejriwal has trodden the same path and is now disillusioned by unparalleled success of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. But he should remember that people’s power is the force behind crowning and de-crowning of the Kings. If I had seen our comrade driving away from the fundamentals of Jan Lokpal ideology, I would have done the same like Yogendra Yadav ji and Prashant Bhushan ji did in Delhi elections 2015. I have mindset of a patriot soldier who fights under the command of another soldier for the sake of his motherland. And if he sees his commander deluded from the right path the patriot soldier takes his own stand.
I am thankful to my parents that they were not loyalist to any political party and am also raised to be free thinker. Sanatan Dharma based schools have inculcated patriotism in me. At present, Politically I am not a “crowd puller” so it is irrelevant for any party whether I remain their member or not. Though Atman says “Conscious is my play-ground and I build societies to my own benefit, for I come time and again to rise back to my full glory.” I think AAP will do fine without a “aam aadmi” like me. Please consider my resignation from Aam Aadmi Party membership.

My Best wishes to Aam Aadmi Party.

Jai Hind..Jai Bharat!

Param Lowe

9872226637 belongs to ParamLowe.com

aap_paramlowe_twitter Oh ! This is such a common task in India. “To search a phone number on Google.com”.  Recently, I joined Aam Aadmi Party and posted my cell number (with which I use Whatsapp, other wise I own 4 cell numbers for other services like consultancy etc.) suddenly people started searching my number on Google.com. What google through up is latest classified advertisements posted on Quikr or olx.in

In those listings my mobile number shows up under data entry job listings. I would rather say or invite people to read my blog website at www.paramlowe.com or they can read my political ideology  at www.buyk.org swagat_aap_mein_shamil(which got a setback in Mohali Municipal Elections, which I contested as an independent candidate in February, 2015 and lost to BJP candidate). You can also see my efforts in Shaadiwala.comisHere.in (aspired to be google of India)  YSS “Yog Sadhna Shiksha” (http://yss.ishere.in) an effort to bring up the intellect  level through yoga meditation techniques, among children who are not able to do well in studies and CallKey.in (Global Climate disaster prevention and management solutions) websites.

ALS Cure – The Scope of Recovery

There is scope of recovery from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) condition through Mortor Neuron boosting. I am sure a total motor control can be re-established in patients who have lost control of their limbs. Its an acquired auto-immune neuro-degenerative disorder from genetic disposition. If you see a ray of hope in my words then you are welcome to try my treatment. Contact me as soon as possible. Sometimes magical miracles work re for “people of faith”. #ALSI

social contacts of Param Lowe
Contact Param Lowe through Social media


Download KICK film (2014) Jumme Ki Raat Ringtones

Download KICK film (2014) Jumme Ki Raat Ringtones

Stereo Ringtone
KICK Film (2014) Ringtone – Jume Ki Raat for Mobile phones (Stereo beats)

Mono Ringtone
KICK Film (2014) Ringtone – Jumme Ki Raat song for Mobile phones (Mono beats)

Jumme Ki Raat Ringtone

eBay is Best shopping website and ShopClues is a Scam.

OMG! 45 days and still no refund from ShopClues.com website. I tell you shopping from ShopClues.com website was not less than a hellish experience for me. I have been purchasing items and gadgets from online shopping websites like eBay and Amazon etc since the last 7-8 years. Ebay has always stood by the side of Buyers and though there have been very few incidents of bad dealings at ebay.com or ebay India website but whenever there have been any purchase dispute with ebay merchants, eBay has always made a refund within  a weeks time and even earlier in some cases and at times they offered me discount vouchers to compensate. I am an out ‘n out patriotic Indian. We feel our blood gushing to our nerves, when ever we shout Bharat Swabhiman slogan. We shout from strength of guts, against foreign companies suppressing our local business. But if our local business is in the hands of  thugs like Sanjay Sethi and Sandeep Aggarwal who founded ShopClues.com then we have to think twice before trusting fully on our Indian businesses. Though am still against FDI in commodities and small scale consumer focused business sector, like retail and cultural food and consumables. On the other hand am very much in favour of welcoming advanced technologies and health and fitness related products in India.
I was talking about my worst ever experience in online shopping website ShopClues.com. Man! I warn you to never visit their website, even by mistake. It will be better, if you program your mind that the word ShopClues.com have NULL value. Its total waste of money and time. Can you imagine calling twice or thrice daily for more than 45 days to an outstation landline telephone  incurring STD call charges?  Worst thing is their automated system keeps you on hold for more than 3 minutes before it connects with an agent. And what you hear from those agents, is pre-written tele-calling script.

“We surely help you Sir. Please allow 48 to 72 hours to resolve this issue. Please wait 48 hours we will revert back to you soon. Your concern is set on priority.  Your concern has been forwarded to refund department. Please wait 48 hours”.

Imagine they have 400 agents and every time you have to hear same script in new voice till you get connected with each of them.  You keep on waiting for phone call or email from ShopClues.com but gets nothing. Yeah ! no email, no sms/text and no phone call either.   They just wish their “internet based looting business” should keep on getting new customers. I humbly advise you never buy anything from ShopClues.com website. They are Thugs!!

Thugs Team at ShopClues.com
Thugs Team at ShopClues.com

from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShopClues
Online review company MouthShut.com has several negative reviews about Shopclues, where customers have rated it as a poor website with overall score of only 2 stars out of 5

The ShopClues.com company maintains 3 offices in India to run their fraudulent business:

  • Gurgaon, Haryana (Headquarters)
  • New Delhi, Delhi
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra