Earthquake log : Seismic pulse noticed N to S at 20:15 hrs

Earthquake log : Seismic pulse noticed N to S at 20:15 hrs

Today 4th MAYl, 2010
At 20:15 & 20:25 Hrs IST (+5:30 GMT)
Seismic activity was noticed by my Sixth Sense.
details of seismic pulse :
direction : North towards South
duration: about 10 sec
number of peaks (i.e bumps) : 2 bumps at each instance
nature : strong intensity long wave pulse

Earthquake log : Seismic pulse noticed n-W to s-E at 16:12 hrs

Today 15th April, 2010
At 16:12 Hrs IST (10:48 hrs GMT)
Seismic activity was noticed by my Sixth Sense.
details of seismic pulse :
direction : more of West (n-W) going towards more of East (s-E)
duration: about 30 sec
number of peaks (i.e bumps) : 20 to 30 bumps
(margin: approx first 10 used up to detect direction)
nature : moderately intensity medium wave pulse

Previous seismic activity of this nature resulted in Haiti Earthquake.

There is marked change in polarization of direction earlier it was mid of north-west towards mid of South-East which we saw resulted in CA, Mexico and lately China Earthquake. But now direction has again shifted back to horizontal plane if we analyze with respect to “Globe”. see picture posted previously

ALERT : Again Haiti, Chili, Melbourne (AUS) and Taiwan should be on Alert for any Earthquake within 12 to 30 hours.

Quake_log_20_May_2009 : Here comes earthquakes

Quake_log_20_May_2009 : Here comes quakes

see screenshot of Google news

News Item 1st

Los Angeles area hit by second earthquake in three days 2009-05-20 13:14:29 Print

LOS ANGELES, May 19 (Xinhua) — The Los Angeles area was struck by a second moderate earthquake on Tuesday, but there was no immediate report of major damages, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.
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Quake log : Rapid pulse West to East at 15:08 hours IST 11 April 2009

Quake_log_11_April_2009: Rapid pulse West to East at 15:08 hours IST
This is different in relation with Italy quake because it this tremor pulse was rapid and it was bounding towards East. This tremor started at 15:08 hrs IST and lasted at 15:10 hrs.
Analysis or prediction can be made as it can certainly result in some bigger earthquake in same area of Italy or taking into consideration the rapidness and duration of near about 2 minutes, an earthquake may be knocking in near vicinity to my place. Rajasthan can be assumed waiting for another jolt of Earthquake withing 24 hours.

Quake_Log_March_10th_2009 : Rapid pulses West to East

Quake_Log_March_10th_2009 : At 17:07 Hours IST (+5:30 GMT) I experienced rapid tremor pulses having direction West to East and lasted for 1 and half mins. A definite signal of an impending quake in near vicinity, May be Iran > Afghanistan > Pakistan (Karachi) > Rajasthan (India) Or it will be bigger in Australia now.

Update Second occurrence : weaker tremors at 17:21 Hrs

Param Lowe’s Sixth Sense Tsunami alert


Today at 8:35 am IST (+5.30 GMT) on June 07, 2008 I have witnessed a tremor pulse of moderate strength lasting about 20 sec. The tremor wave clearly indicated that there is polar shift in direction from the previously felt tremors that resulted in Chengdu provincial capitol of Sichhuan, China quake. The tremor pulses that I experienced in May 2008, were very weak in bounds and I was Continue reading “Param Lowe’s Sixth Sense Tsunami alert”

Quake log : 23rd May, 2008 Two new quake tremors

Quake Log : Two new pulses in a span of half an hour.

Today at 10:01 am IST (+5.30 GMT) I experienced a very low quake tremor wave and second one at 10:22 am IST (Indian Standard Time). Second one was also too low in bounds to be analyzed for the direction of tremor.

Q. What does my Sixth Sense says?

 A. My Sixth Sense Continue reading “Quake log : 23rd May, 2008 Two new quake tremors”

China 7.8 earthquake struck in Sichhuan province

China Quake 12 May 2008I forgot about China. I forgot that there are people living beyond Himalayan mountains. On May 3rd I have written a post about the quake tremor pulse I experienced Read Earth Quake Pusle felt again post. I predicted in that post that epicenter seems in Continue reading “China 7.8 earthquake struck in Sichhuan province”