quake_log_4th_June_2009 : strong bump earthquake felt

quake_log_June_4th_2009 : Strong bump earthquake tremor of short lenght but having high tide wave which was curling from South to North making a slight cuve towards West facing East felt at 4:43 pm (16:43 Hrs IST +5:30 GMT). This Tremor lasted for short span of 20-30 seconds but was having very marked tidal bump.

Earth’s misery : Foolish people, foolish nations

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“Foolish people, foolish nations!”. Yes I have shouted from lowest possible state of my mind. Can’t slip down more. Please be sensible and act responsibly. This is what, I can speak out to people, nations and leaders of world countries. Any single test or use of Nuclear arsenal, will be more than enough to doom our planet. This is not in any way a careless statement. Continue reading “Earth’s misery : Foolish people, foolish nations”

Thanksgiving : Time to Thank GOD

Thanks Giving 2008

Its time to Thank GOD, for all that He provided us to complete this year of our life.
This time thank GOD with more of devotion to secure His blessings that you may be
blessed to Thank Him next season too. May GOD bless us all and may his children start
to see his impression in their lives.

Its mid of December month, of this year 2008. This year, there is marked decrese in chill arround here in Mohali city (near Chandigarh City, Punjab, INDIA) and I am more concerned about the vision, I received in month of July 2007. I have already posted a video onto YouTube and on my webTV site too about that vision. Our planet Earth is experiencing marked increase in atmospheric temprature since last decade. International orgainsations project their superficial concerns on the same.

Some of scientists have guide the world industrial map to cut down co2 emissions, to make
cars more greener. But have they succeeded enough? Have they been on right track?
Will their efforts be fruitfull enough to save the major flood flow on Earth? I fear, the answer seems a big “NO”.

What can I do? What can you do?

Pray to GOD and seek His mercy and get to work!

so what kind of work? Read my words….I am now quite sure about the feasibility of the future vision, which I received about flood. In that vision, I saw TV news reports. In which I saw Continue reading “Thanksgiving : Time to Thank GOD”

Is dooms day a certain future?? (Part II)

The sculpture was a big lotus painted but carried an old look. It was painted in pink, mustered yellow, sky blue and green and it looked like carved out of granite stone. On top of this big pinkgreen lotus, there were 7-8 small objects that resembled a “rugby footbol” which is made to cut open from center… 8:39 PM 11/15/2008.
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6:52 pm IST 11/17/2008
There was a smaller lotus in center of the big lotus Continue reading “Is dooms day a certain future?? (Part II)”