911 rememberance, September 11, 2001 Attack on WTC, New York

On 9th September, 2001. it was evening time and I gathered some strength to sit up for evening tea. It was around 6:40 pm local time India, turned on the tv and was switching channels and in between landed on CNN. I was a regular viewer of CNN and BBC world as these
two international news channels were freely available at that time. Mother served tea and left the room for social chat with ladies in neighbourhood.
I was alone and CNN channel was showing through studio’s window pane, smoke coming out form a distant building and news persons was narrating, “this is an unfortunate morning in New York. A fighter jet has crashed accidentally into one of the blocks of World Trade buildings”. Just a few seconds later, news persons started whispering and studio news person spoke,”new inputs are coming and latest update is…. it could be a passenger plane that hit WTC”. A new footage was available with CNN, which they immediately broadcasted. It showed fire fighters standing on road and as soon they heard a ear deafening sound of low flying Boing plane, they turned their heads towards the plane and saw it going straight into WTC. Watching that clip was a big shock for me. In the meanwhile studio person pointed at one more plane and said, “that plane is flying very low than usual”. As soon as he completed his sentence another news person said. “this plane is returning back”. Just then the second plane hits the other tower of WTC. I felt shivers running down my body and goose bumps cropped up on my face and arms. After a few minutes, my mother, father and sister came in and I narrated whole news item to them and we together saw the Live coverage continuously on CNN channel for around 2 hours and then till late night. That was one of the black days in the history of modern humans. I still get goose bumps whenever, I narrate this tragic event and tell them how I watched 911 live on CNN.

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