Gadgets : Printable Electronics with Xerox Silver Ink

Xerox scientists developing a low-temperature silver ink that they say paves the way for the commercialization and low-cost manufacture of printable electronics. This process will offer manufacturers an inexpensive way to add “intelligence” or computing power to a wide range of surfaces to produce things like electronic clothing and cheap games.
xerox silver ink printable electronics, jpg
In India, a big festival season has just ended. Diwali festival is one of the biggest festival in Hindu calender, so the merchants make every effort to rack in cash with mammoth jump in sales. Indian shop more in this festive season. I visited a few shopping exhibitions. The ghost of recession was chasing shoppers and shop-owners were pitching offers and discounts to window shoppers (‘am too). This season LCD tv sales went up as manufacturers have slashed prices and there were combo offers with DVD. It seemed like LCD manufacturers are fearing about cheap OLED tv technology and want to sell their stock as early as possible. OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode technology. Manufacturing cost of OLED is considered to be much lower than LCD technology. A Latin company has launched a mobile phone having (name is something like Majistico Phonino, don’t remember much about it read this in some tech magazine last year.), which has a fordable screen made of OLED and it wraps around the mobile phone unit. OLED technology looks more promising with the Xerox silver ink printable electronics

Author: Param Lowe

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