Oh God give me some peace of mind

I saw a couple of movies these days and felt really bad….. life getting me into frustrating times. Saw Schindler’s List and felt nauseating (vomiting). It reminded me of Bhindrawala‘s suffocating time of my childhood days. Then saw The 40 year old Virgin and felt punch in face. what am doing? The only good thing happened is that, I also watched Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind. Not feeling good, saw some nasty news how people talked about SL$T WALK on Sahara Samay. Not good time these days. Feeling like going to APOLLO mission (escape from Earth…lol). Only solace to soul is the Nama-Sankirtana, for which I must thank ISKCON’s Bhajan singers like Kalindi Devi Dasi and Karnamrita Dasi‘s Bhakti kirtanas, that I am listening every night. So, the Christ Within is getting frustrated.

A guy was talking about Indian Cricket team’s failure at Lords’ England…and I said, “I don’t want then to win any match. They should continue to loose every match and even against Afghan Cricket team. I want this Cricket madness to end. see how these news people chant Cricket Cricket day and night. Can’t they just run a small section on sports news.. they act like India is at war with England and all our lives depend on the performance of BCCI’s nuts.. this madness should end for better… Oh God give me some peace of mind”.

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