Who lives in New Jersey?

new-jerseyWho lives in New Jersey? Why I am asking this? On the night of 9th July, 2011 in deep meditation I saw and heard scenes in a short prophetic  dream. Someone was looking at monitor display (night-time) and shouting that New jersey has disappeared under water. There were visuals of flood water sweeping around.  So why this random visual appeared to me. Is it going to come true? Don’t know! But you must take into consideration,  “who is having this vision?”.  So, If you are following me with a viberating heart, then the message is clear.  But, Don’t panic! As I have said earlier that not all spiritual vision has their realization in  immediate future, but if you see signs of it approaching then you must take step towards safety.

Spiritual living is full of Sixth Sense surprises! I am posting about this vision, because it was surprising for me, that even if it could be a random dream, “Why did I heard just a single line and this vision (dream)  lasted only few seconds and it was strong enough to embed into memory”. Worldly, I don’t have any connection with New Jersey, except that, I have heard this place in some Hollywood movies, nothing more,  no relative or friend connected with that place.

“In this age of Science, am here to give you evidence of spiritual life/supernatural”.

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